Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Washington Wednesday: Joe Rutgens

1964 Philadelphia Gum Joe Rutgens Redskins
This is just a quick one of these. As usual it has been a long time since I've done one of these. I am lazy on a great many things as you might have noticed. I got this card from Sportlots on 04 March this year (2013) didn't mark the price. Got a 1965 Philadelphia card with it (98 Rams Play of The Year). Not sure if it was from one dealer or two, looks like it might have been one. Sometimes I list all the specifics sometimes I don't. Anyway since I don't have many details just look at the card:

1964 Philadelphia Gum 192 Joe Rutgens Redskins
(Front and Back)
Note the cartoon on the back has a question about what Joe does in the "off-season".  Well kids back before the late 1970s and Free Agency sports athletes didn't make the Millions upon Millions they make today. The stars of yesteryear had to have a "second" job during the off season to pay the bills.


  1. with all the appearances and ads and whatnot, do the major stars ever have an "off" season anymore??