Friday, February 5, 2016

3 Cards Including A Dupe In A Bat Envelope

I'm not sure what is more exciting about this particular PWE I received the cards or the stamp that was used. OK the cards are what really excited me and the stamp was just an added bonus.

On a typical day last month (January 2016) I got two PWEs in the mail. One PWE had a card I bought from Ebay that I will talk about some other post and the other had 3 cards I got from Sportlots. All 3 cards were from an auction with a .25¢ opening bid plus .99¢ shipping (combined somewhat).

1968 Topps Football: 2 cards both cards a bit offcenter borderline miscut.
106 Ed Meador Rams coin rub cartoon on back totally blank must have been a dud.

(Front and Back)

107 Fred Cox Vikings back cartoon is regular printed one.

(Front and Back)

1963 Topps Baseball:
69 Bud Zipfel Senators. When I bid on this one unfortunately I didn't realize I already had it. Fortunately this one is in better condition than the one I had. So it is an upgrade.

( Front and Back)

Oh a cool thing about the PWE is the stamp was a Batman Forever stamp.

In the long run I'm not sure if I will actually keep the stamp.

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