Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trading Thursday: This One Is On Eleven

18 Feb 2016

I originally intended to post this on last Thursday the 11th. Like usual I got lazy and there is no big demand on this type of post so it doesn't matter when I post it if ever. OK so this Trading Thursday Post is actually the 5th one if my recollection and count is correct. Even though the first one wasn't technically a TT in name yet. OK so most of my stuff has been junk years stuff or from the last few years and unfortunately seem to be very boring to all. *loud heavy sigh*

This Week's Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

Got some "tall boys" to trade. These are the 1990s style tall boys so not as TALL as the older 1960s and 70s Tall Boys.

1993 Classic Games: Classic Futures: Tall Boys
5 Jamal Mashburn Kentucky (drafted by Mavericks) - Trade Pending
1993-94 Fleer NBA Jam Session: Tall Boys
22 Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets  
23 Alonzo Mourning Charlotte Hornets 
49 Jamal Mashburn Mavericks (1st round draft pick) - Trade Pending
1of8 Flashing Star: Anfernee Hardaway Magic
7of8 Second Year Star: Isaiah Rider Timberwolves
1997 Topps Basketball: 148 Kevin Garnett Timberwolves - Graded card by FGS (Finest Grading Service) Gem Mint 10

1992 Game Day: Tall Boys
468 Andre Rison Falcons
471 Phil Simms Giants
1994 Fleer Game Day: Tall Boys
189 Mark Collins Chiefs
205 James Jett Raiders
239 Terry Kirby Dolphins
242 Troy Vincent Dolphins
252 Warren Moon Vikings
292 Rodney Hampton Giants
302 James Hasty Jets
313 Eric Allen Eagles
320 Charlie Garner Eagles
370 Dana Stubblefield 49ers
389 Horace Copeland Buccaneers

1994 Nintendo Killer Instinct Tall Boys No Numbers
B. Orchid
TJ Combo

UPDATED 10 Mar 2021

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

If you would like to see a scan of any card I've mentioned please contact me and I can either Email the image or post in one my Picasa Web Albums (or my ancient Photobucket)

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