Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Promo Pimping Secret Santa

I tend to not promo pimp much. The reasons are mostly because I tend to forget the various deadlines or I'm too lazy to come up with some zinger of a post that hopefully sends people to the subject of the pimping (Usually a cool contest with tons of cool prizes). Well this time I thought I'd give it the "old college try". So...

Jon of the blog A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts is hosting this year's Bloggers Secret Santa 3.0 he is taking on the torch from retired blogger Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame who was Secret Santa host the previous two winters. Jon asked for help promoting the gift exchange since his readership isn't as big as Matt's was.

This type of gift exchange is real fun. Half the fun is the mystery of who your Santa will be and what sort of cardboard goodies they will send you. You can check out my haul from last year here. The other half of the fun is shopping for your good little collector and hoping they will enjoy what you sent.

St. Nick nicked from Jon's Secret Santa Post

Anywho check out the details over at Jon's blog. Sign up and maybe even become one of his followers.


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