Saturday, April 30, 2022

Two Andromeda Autos Trance

So a couple of weeks back got a second autograph card from an actor from one of the Sci-Fi shows I like. The first one I got ages ago. This is from the show Andromeda. A sci-fi show created by an idea from Star Trek Creator Gene Rodenberry. A few months back I had posted an auto card of the show's star Kevin Sorbo. The cards I am featuring for this post is Laura Bertram who played the alien Trance Gemini.

The first of the two cards I like better even though the signature is not as legible,  and is the one I had gotten a few years back. It was also an oddball type of card as it was originally a sealed "Uncirculated" card, however the gold seal sticker was damaged and was hastily "repaired" with some scotch tape. I don't think I had done that, but maybe. Anyway I probably debated if I should remove and ditch the damaged seal which just adds other problems including not being able to view the entire card. I'm just going to ditch the useless sticker. Maybe back when I got it I thought the seals were cool, but now I don't care. I liked if I could get them, but always hated that they cover up too much info. Also sellers will charge way too much extra for the seal. Anyway that is the older of the two, even though it is from a later series of the cards.

The second more recent acquisition has its own story. I got it from Ebay and even though I paid over $20 ($26 and some change $20 plus postage and tax) the seller sent it by the new Ebay standard envelope. Cards valued over $20 are not supposed to go that way. (update: OK technically my card was just at $20 so it just sneaks by) Which I don't care for. Mostly because the tracking marks the package as "delivered" when it reaches your area's main hub post office, not necessarily your "home" post office that serves your address. I got it a day or two after it was marked as delivered. This has happened with another card I had received via the standard envelope as well.

2001 Inkworks Andromeda Autograph A4 Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini

2004 Inkworks Andromeda Autograph A5 Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini (with Uncirculated Seal)

2004 Inkworks Andromeda Autograph A5 Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini (raw)


  1. I never watched Andromeda, but do remember her from the couple of episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? that she was on way back when. I had no idea she had an auto out there, and now kind of want one, though I couldn't bring myself to pony up over $20 for one.

    I'm not a fan of those uncirculated seals either. I have a few that I've been debating taking out of those holders for years now, but can't seem to make up my mind.

    I've been selling quite a bit on eBay as of late, and despite their problems, those Standard Shipping envelopes have been a big money saver. And eBay doesn't count shipping and tax as part of the purchase price when it comes to that service, so even if you paid more than $20 with those things included, as long as the actual card itself sold for $20 or less, it will still qualify for that service. I'm not defending the seller though, if they charged a couple of bucks for shipping, and then sent it via PWE, they deserve at least neutral feedback when it comes time to leave it.

    1. Yeah the card only was just $20 to sneak it into that envelope.

  2. Very cool autographs, thanks for showing them off!