Tuesday, May 31, 2022

MLB Managing Ladies Baseball

Women are making big strides in all walks of life even in pro sports that used to be strictly "Men's Clubs". In April just 4 days apart two women made big debuts on the Pro Baseball Diamond, one in the Minors and one in the big Major League Stage. Topps Now recorded these events and I got the cards from Topps Now on Ebay for about 7 bucks each plus a little in shipping and/or tax. Most Topps Now cards I've gotten from between $5.99 to about $13.99 with most being at $7-$8, sometimes free shipping sometimes not. These two I happened to get from the ToppsNow store on Ebay, (EDIT: I was wrong the minor league card I got from a different seller, no toppsnow store)  sometimes I get them from other dealers. It depends mostly on the price. Usually there is a bit of a wait on the shipping especially through the toppsnow ebay store. 

Lets start with the Minor league card. Rachel Balkovec made her managerial debut for the Tampa Tarpons (careful reading that one, it caught me the first time I saw it) a MILB affiliate of the New York Yankees on Friday 08 April 2022.

2022 Topps Now Baseball MILB-1 Rachel Balkovec Tampa Tarpons

Card two is Up to the big league MLB just 4 days later. Alyssa Nakken took the field as First Base Coach for the San Francisco Giants Tuesday 12 April 2022.

2022 Topps Now Baseball 45 Alyssa Nakken San Francisco Giants

I don't intend to dis Miss Nakken here but in that photo she looks a bit like Ellen DeGeneres or Jane Lynch.



  1. Not the biggest fan of Topps Now cards... but gotta admit both of these are coolie pieces of history.

  2. Yep the Tampa name almost got me too, I'll assume her detractors will call the team by that name. Too bad Topps has that grammatical error on the back of Rachel's card.