Friday, June 24, 2022

CaptK's Coveted 10 Updated

CaptKirk42's Coveted 10
Updated 23 Jun 2022

I usually don't make special posts about updates but since I don't get much traffic on this blog because I only post once in a while at a bare minimum of one post a month I decided to yack it up. On my righthand hand sidebar I have this list of my Current 10 Most Coveted "Search and Destroy" for Cards. I also have a static page for it here. I update it periodically when the cards on it come in. For several months numbers 6 through 10 were TBD as I hadn't assigned new cards to look for yet. Well I filled in the spaces. I also updated my Master Want List.

Here is the latest updated detailed list 
  1. 1998 Inkworks Lost in Space Autograph Card: A-2 Lacy Chabert as Penny Robinson - For some reason this one has insane prices. I missed out on one a few years back that was just under $50, still a bit much for me but I should have jumped on it.
  2. 1971 Fleer Laughlin World Series: 23 Pirates/Senators 1925 WS - This card should probably be over at Curly W Cards on that list but I need more than just Senators from this set. Plus they lost that series.
  3. Any 1965 Topps Baseball still on my Wantlist. (Set Build Post)
  4. 1975 Topps Baseball 228 George Brett RC Royals - I know this is one of the most sought after cards  of this set, and tends to be super expensive. Then again the Robin Yount RC is also a hot super expensive Rookie card of this set, but I managed to get that one for a good low price.
  5. 2003 Bazooka Baseball 7 Bazooka Joe Bazooka Logo - Silver Variant
  6. 1987 Topps ALF Sticker 10 "A Whisker For Your Thoughts" - Puzzle Back left corner blue puzzle
  7. 2004 Donruss World Series - Fans of The Game FG-2 Stan Lee
  8. 1991 Pro Set - WLAF Inserts 30 Mike Riley CO San Antonio Riders
  9. 1992 Lime Rock Pro Cheerleaders NNO Los Angeles Raiders Checklist
  10. 1978 Topps Mork & Mindy 4 "You're in good hands with Ork State!"
A collecting goal of a set build of 2003 Topps Bazooka Baseball 7 Joe Bazooka sub-set I have all the regular base of card number 7. On my main want list I have what I need of the minis (25/31) and the Silver (31/31) variants..

Check frequently as I update this list as I get these cards. If you have a card on the list please mention the exact card not it's number on the list. When I get a card that is on the list I remove it from the list, move up the cards that were below it and add a new card to the bottom of the list at #10, so the top card (card #1) will eventually be the card that has spent the most time on the list.

Here are a few white whale cards that should be on this list but are not and probably never will be, mostly due to them being way out of reach price wise:

1975 Topps Baseball 228 George Brett RC Royals (Currently on list at #4)
1976 Topps Football 148 Walter Payton RC Bears
1986-87 Fleer Basketball 57 Michael Jordan RC Bulls
2012 Topps Archives Baseball (1984 Style) 241 Bryce Harper RC Nationals SSP

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  1. The Jordan RC is on my white whale wantlist as well. Need it to complete my set... which means my set will essentially never be completed.