Thursday, June 30, 2022

Collectible Card Club

 Where oh where to begin?

Many card collectors maybe aware of Collectible Card Club a subscription box service. As a member each month they will send you a box of unopened packs of cards. They have the 4 major US sports: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey plus Soccer and Gaming. They offer a selection of 3 membership tiers: Silver 5 packs $24.95, Gold 10 packs $42.95, Platinum 15 packs $60.95. You can choose which individual sport flavor you want or a 3 sport Baseball, Football & Basketball box. Plus you choose from Vintage (1999 on back to probably early 1980s. I think they have stated 1983 is as far back as they have gone), or Modern (2000 and up), or a mix of the two.

Now here is where things get interesting. Almost 3 years ago, back in Sept 2019 I received a box from The CCC. I did not order the box it was sent to me as a sort of promo for bloggers I think. I don't recall if I received an email or responded to some promo they were having but anyway I currently have a box sitting unopened still in it's yellow/orange mailing package. I had planed on doing a spectacular blog post about opening it that was to include a video busting the box and the subsequent packs inside, including scans of everything during the process. I nixed that idea due to all the time it would take to work on it. 

Flashforward to recent months as I have seen more and more UTube videos and blog posts of others busting these boxes and repack products like Repacked Wax and well I got the bug for it. So I set up a Platinum Vintage Baseball sub and a Gold Vintage Football sub. This way it is less likely I will get brands that I don't particularly like such as Chrome, & Draft editions. There may be a few as those trends started in the 1990s. Anyway for brands I don't like I will put those packs aside as traders or toss them up on Ebay maybe.

My first two subscription boxes arrived Friday 10 June. So now I am a Collectible Card Club Card Carrying Member even though I probably shouldn't spend so much on it..

I was going to include one of my first CCC Box Breaks for this post but I haven't started opening them yet. I have 3 to do sometime soon.


  1. Can't wait to see what you pull from your subscription boxes. I thought about buying them last year when it was hard to find retail, but never did. I did open one of these CCC boxes back in 2018 though and reviewed it:

  2. I could never do one of these, but I do like seeing what other bloggers get from them, and it's been a while since one of these has made it onto the blogs.

  3. Same as Jon, I wouldn't participate, but I would like to see what you got!