Sunday, July 31, 2022

Trade Pile 001: Card 2 Lenticular Opening Day Star

 Trade Pile 001:
Card 2: Lenticular Opening Day Star
31 Jul 2022
As expected just one card doesn't seem to do it. So time to add another. Now the lucky claimant gets 2 cards and they only have to send one. Of course more cards can be sent but only one is required.

Hmm should I mix it up with other sports and maybe some non-sport or keep this baseball only? Maybe I could juggle a few of these things at once?

Top of The Pile:
Upping the stakes some by adding a superstar, bold early move I know. This card I pulled from a pack of 2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball way back when. It is from the Opening Day Stars insert set. They are those lenticular flickering "Sportflix" type cards. 

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball:
ODS-3 Alex Rodriguez Yankees

The rest of the Pile:
2016 Bowman Draft - Chrome Baseball:
BDC-29 Justin Dunn Mets

The concept is simple I will post a card or cards I have up for trade and the first person to claim the "pile" in this post's comments will receive them all. The golden rule with this is that you must offer at least one card off of my wantlists. See My Master Want List on this blog or My Wantlist at TCDB (Collection -> Main Collection -> scroll to Wantlist, select sport category) If you don't have a card off of my lists I will also accept Pre 1987 Vintage Baseball or Football. Also Non-Sport from 1960s to 1970s. Please let me know what you intend to send.

After awhile I will add another card or two to the "Pile" (or "Stack") of unclaimed cards until the pile gets claimed. 

Edit: I had to adjust the post date because it had been marked as being posted 4 weeks previously on 03 July at noon. I didn't post until sometime in the evening of 31 July. The post for my Curly W Blog was at 8:06 PM. I think I may have posted this before that post. I forget the order I did them in. So It might have been posted between 7:45 PM 31 July to sometime around 8:15 PM 31 July 2022. So I'll mark it as 8:00 PM 31 July.

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