Trade Info

I try to keep my trade lists up-to-date but am not always consistent with which is the latest and greatest. I try to maintain my Master Want List  but sometimes forget. I also try to update things over at the Trading Card Database check out my CaptKirk42 profile there. I used to keep a Zistle list but since Beckett bought that site, it will probably disappear so I don't update or advertise my list there anymore

I don't have a formal "trade list" of all I have to offer for trade. I don't think I will ever have that unless I can get a crack team of trading card inventory professionals to assess my entire collection and the piles and stacks that I have deemed doubles, to trade/sell. Actually there is no such designation for any of my card hoard piles. Yeah most of them piles have keepers in them. However if you are a team collector of a specific team I might be able to scrounge up a nice lot

I usually like trading for the same sport but will trade for other sports on my want/needs lists. I like the bulk type of trade also maybe a little more than one-for-one. The kind where you just send a batch of cards without really taking a "head" (card) count and receive one approximately the same size.

To trade my teams are Nationals/Senators (Rangers, Twins) Orioles, Expos, Redskins, Rams, Capitals, Bullets/Wizards, and Pre-1980 vintage most sports. I mostly concentrate on baseball. You can checkout What I collect, plus my master want list has some of what I am still (or always) looking for. I am trying to get all my lists updated, but there is still a very very long way to go. I also do some Non-Sports mostly sci-fi and the pre 1990s years. I am most picky about the Non-Sport. I tend to be more whatever attracts my eye with Non-Sport.

For sales just contact me via email and make an offer to start negotiating.

Of Course you can always just ask for my mailing address and send me some cards no obligation.

Updated: 03 May 2019