1971 Topps Football Game Inserts

In 1971 Topps inserted game cards into the regular Football wax packs much like they did in 1968 with Baseball. This 53 card set looks a bit more game like than the baseball. Like the baseball game each player card has a play result on it # Yards Gain, # Yards Lost, Fumble, Interception etc. The player's picture is a bust headshot or action bust headshot which is flip/flopped like regular playing card Royal "face" cards.The players name and his team are printed on a diagonal banner. The card number appears in the right corner on the "top" some cards have the card number plus "of 53 cards" (the Joe Namath card does that).

Set: 26/53 Complete
1971 Topps Football Game Insert Checklist:

01 Dick Butkus
02 Bob Berry
03 Joe Namath
04 Mike Curtis
05 Jim Nance
06 Ron Berger
07 O.J. Simpson
08 Haven Moses
09 Tommy Nobis
10 Gale Sayers
11 Virgil Carter
12 Andy Russell
13 Bill Nelsen
14 Gary Collins
15 Duane Thomas
16 Bob Hayes
17 Floyd Little
18 Sam Brunelli
19 Charlie Sanders
20 Mike Lucci
21 Gene Washington 49ers
22 Willie Wood
23 Jerry LeVias
24 Charlie Johnson
25 Len Dawson
26 Bobby Bell
27 Merlin Olsen
28 Roman Gabriel
29 Bob Griese
30 Larry Csonka
31 Dave Osborn
32 Gene Washington Vikings
33 Dan Abramowicz
34 Tom Dempsey
35 Fran Tarkenton
36 Clinton McNeil
37 Johnny Unitas
38 Matt Snell
39 Daryle Lamonica
40 Hewitt Dixon
41 Tom Woodeshick
42 Harold Jackson
43 Terry Bradshaw
44 Ken Avery
45 MacArthur Lane
46 Larry Wilson
47 John Hadl
48 Lance Alworth
49 John Brodie
50 Bart Starr
51 Sonny Jurgensen
52 Larry Brown

NNO Field Position Marker Card

There is an unnumbered "Field Position" marker that is rarer than the other cards in the set because it was designed to be cut in half to be used for the game. One half to mark where the ball is and the other to see if a play made a first down.

The cards were used in conjunction with the series of mini-poster inserts released that year that had a player picture on the front and a "field" on the back. I had quite a few of these mini-posters as a kid, and I think a few of the cards (never had the field position marker card until I bought it on Ebay or maybe it was Sportlots) not sure where they all went.

Set: 5/32 Complete
1971 Topps Football Mini-Poster -
Game Field Checklist:

01 Gene Washington 49ers
02 Andy Russell
03 Harold Jackson
04 Joe Namath
05 Fran Tarkenton
06 Dave Osborn
07 Bob Griese
08 Roman Gabriel
09 Jerry LeVias
10 Bart Starr
11 Bob Hayes
12 Gale Sayers
13 O.J. Simpson
14 Sam Brunell
15 Jim Nance
16 Bill Nelson
17 Sonny Jurgensen
18 John Brodie
19 Lance Alworth
20 Larry Wilson
21 Daryle Lamonica
22 Dan Abramowicz
23 Gene Washington Vikings
24 Bobby Bell
25 Merlin Olsen
26 Charlie Sanders
27 Virgil Carter
28 Dick Butkus
29 Johnny Unitas
30 Tommy Nobis
31 Floyd Little
32 Larry Brown
RED = Need 

GRAY = Incoming
BLUE = Needs Upgrade

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