Group Breaks

I always try to be fair in everything I do and group breaks are no exception. Hopefully I don't have too many "rules" or restrictions. Group breaks a usually fun for all involved and they are a good way for individuals to get cards they like without having to pay for a full box themselves.

  • Participants need to follow my blog.
  • Products being busted will be announced prior to group sign up. Basic details of product and/or the box will be given when possible.
  • I will usually have products in hand before sign-up starts.
  • Participants may request products to open for future breaks. I will try to find requested products for decent prices so I don't have to increase break costs.
  • All Base cards will be mailed out unless specifically asked not to send them.
  • Cost for break per slot will vary.
  • Each slot will be for one chosen team. Sometimes one chosen team and one random team.
  • If there are random teams members will be assigned their random teams via using the standard randomized three times "rule". This will be done after break has been "filled".
  • Complete list of assigned teams will be posted on my blog before the break happens.
  • Cards will go to the team named on the card Not the Uniform worn.
  • Current players in Throwback uniforms will go to the CURRENT team not the throwback team, if the throwback team is different from current team.
  • Cards with multiple teams: If all teams are owned by just one person the card goes to that person. If two or more people own teams shown on the card, the card will be randomized between those people.
  • Minor League  uniforms/cards will go to the Major League Team it is currently affiliated with (at time of set release/season). Older products might be an exception to this if the affiliation was different at the time the product was released.
  • College Uniforms will go to the Professional team the player was drafted to if known.
  • Hits from unassigned teams will be randomized among all members. Some inserts will also be randomized. Base cards will not be.
  • Non-Sport and cards with no specific team and teams from other sports will be randomized. [For sets like Allen & Ginter's, Goodwin Champions] 
  • Randomized cards will be randomized after the break has been completed.
  • Due to changes to videos will be Not be live. I will record them and post them to my Youtube account. I will give a recap/play-by-play on the blog. Each box will have a separate video. Not all breaks will be recorded.
  • Boxes with a large number of packs to box will be gone through as fast as possible (if a video is made), base cards might not be shown in video (except to give a sample of what they look like) for those boxes to try to save time. I will try to at least mention the base cards pulled if not shown.
  • Penny sleeves/toploaders/team bags (or plastic cases) etc. will be used when possible. I do not use those "card savers". Thicker GU and Artifact cards might be placed in plastic cases or a separate teambag. It depends on what supplies I have on hand at the time those "Big Uns" are pulled. I don't normally collect GU so I don't usually have extra supplies for those.
  • No plain "scotch" tape will be used on toploaders unless I have to use "used" toploaders with tape residue. Sorry about that one.
  • Any tape used that has a chance of getting in contact with the cards will usually be blue painters tape. It will usually be used just to keep teambags closed and to sandwich cardboard around teambags.
  • Payments are expected to be sent ASAP.
  • If a late payment is expected please contact me with an estimated payment date.
  • Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Send Paypal payments to klandersen at
  • I accept money orders or checks drawn on USD through the mail and will also accept well secured cash (bills in toploaders work well or even those stupid card savers). If sending payment through mail please email me your method of payment and expected arrival date.
Important Shipping Note: Due due to my current work schedule and post office hours the only day I get a chance to get to the post office in time is Saturdays. So Saturdays will be shipping day.

For teams that are no longer in existence the following will apply:

If the team no longer exists in any form with no modern franchise descendant, the cards will either be randomized or just put into my trade-bate collection.
If the team has a Modern Descendant, the cards go to the modern team as follows:

For example for BASEBALL:
  • Montreal Expos to Washington Nationals
  • Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee Brewers
  • Senators (Players from before 1961) to Minnesota Twins*
  • Senators (Players from 1961-1971) to Texas Rangers*
  • St. Louis Browns to Baltimore Orioles
  • Houston Colt 45s to Houston Astros
*I do collect some Defunct teams especially The Senators. I may make an offer for any cards pulled from my breaks of those teams to whomever owns the decendant team. Some breaks I may just Claim any Senators cards.

If by some cruel twist of fate a box reveals a redemption is pulled there are a few determining factors:
  • If the product is new enough and the redemption is still redeemable it will be sent to the person with the team for the redemption (if known) for them to redeem from the manufacturer. If player/team is unknown there will be a random drawing for the redemption.
  • If the redemption has expired I will try to find some bonus to send to the person who would have received the redemption card.
If I've missed anything it might be added later.
Please send all email correspondence to klandersen at Please indicate that it is in referrence to my group box break.

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