Friday, August 26, 2016

Accompanying A Strive Set Build 69 Style

As a life-long collector it is odd that there are many many (read most of the damn things) Topps Flagship sets that I still need to complete. Now days with the very short printed super high number cards even base set collecting has become impossible. Many collectors seem to start a set build and then wham bamm they are finished in a year or two with little effort. No matter how much it costs to complete or how many high value cards are in the set. Even if there are a bunch of super short printed cards. Well that is what it seems like to me anyway.

One of my big goals, as readers of this blog may know, is to complete the 1965 Topps Baseball set for my Strive for '65 set build. I'm already over a year and a half behind in that goal. Update to the set build. One of the common themes other than purchasing the cards from a Sportlots auction was that I also got some 1969 Topps Baseball cards to help with that set from yet more Sportlots auctions. I had three packages that had the 1965 and 1969 combo, one had some bonus stuff. Well not technically bonus since they were auctions also, they just hitched a ride on the Hippie '60s Trip. Now the cards in no particular order.

First a three card package the '65 was Marty Keough Reds. The two 1969 cards were 25¢ each:

4 NL RBI Leaders: Willie McCovey Giants, Ron Santo Cubs and Billy Williams Cubs

164 World Series 1968 Game 3: (Tim) McCarver's Homer Puts St. Louis (Cardinals) Ahead

Package two contained eight cards from 5 sportlots 25¢ auctions. [First picture at top of this post] I don't recall the distribution by auction of the seven '65 cards, but it resulted in getting one card duplicated. I also got one card I already had (the previous one of course is in better condition). I think it was a case of the needs of more cards outweighing not needing one card. The lone '69 card in this case is:

6 NL Home Run Leaders: Willie McCovey Giants, Richie Allen Phillies and Ernie Banks Cubs.

The final package only had one lone '65 card the Dave Vineyard (at 25¢) it contained a total of 19 cards from 7 different auctions (but yes the same seller) the shipping costs varied but came to $6.73 the auction prices ranged from 25¢ to $4.75. The grand total was $15.98.

The 1969 Topps Baseball: 8 cards 3 auctions two were for multiple cards at 25¢ each auction A's team lot and 2 Yankees, 2 Mets and the third auction was for card #12 at $1.25

12 NL Strike Out Leaders: Bob Gibson Cardinals, Fergie Jenkins Cubs, and Bill Singer Yankees

46 Fritz Peterson Yankees
72 Ron Taylor Mets
127 Kevin Collins Mets
143 Joe Mossek Athletics
195 John Odom Athletics
217 John Donaldson Athletics
313 Bill Robinson Yankees

BONUS CARDS: AKA Not '65 nor '69

1967 Philadelphia Gum Football: 1 card $2.25
120 New York Giants Team Card - Team Logo on front.

1982 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars Baseball: 9 cards 2 auctions one of 4 cards at 25¢ and one 5 cards $4.75 (includes Parker and Cey). All in excellent condition with only a little bent warping.

9 Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers
25 Carlton Fisk White Sox
28 Robin Yount Brewers
46 Ron Cey Dodgers
48 Dave Parker Pirates
52 Chris Chambliss Dodgers
57 Dwayne Murphy Athletics
63 Vida Blue Giants
64 Eddie Murray Orioles

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Strive For '65 Status Saturday: A Lone B'Bird

20 Aug 2016
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
 Current card count: 254/598 (256/600) 42.8%

ACK! I think my scan is a bit bright.

Lets see it has been a few months since I've added to this set build. The last update was in January it was one card only. This update is for one card only also. OK now I have to rewrite this thing because a second lone bunch of cards came in. Now the post title doesn't make any sense. So what? I'm too lazy to do too much changing. The first card came in late April I got it from Sportlots in an auction for only 25¢ + 59¢ shipping. The second lone card came in early June also from a Sportlots auction, but it had some companion cards from 2 other auctions so no so lonely. Come think about it and to double check the April card was with a couple of other cards as well. Lets see this latest not-so-lonely card was 75¢ plus 69¢ shipping. Hey cool it pushes my set build percentage up to the Ultimate 42%

So some more cards came so once again I need to recalculate the route set build percentage complete. Eight cards (1 was a 1969 card so I won't mention it here) came from Sportlots in 5 auctions at 25¢ each I haven't bothered to double check the shipping it was so long ago. One card was duplicated (490) and one I already had (471). This happens from time to time buying from auctions piecemeal. One of the duplicates is creased but it is inked slightly darker.

The Latest Additions:
Friday 01 Jul 2016: 7 cards (1 duplicated)
108 Don Mincher Twins
163 John Briggs Phillies
222 Bob Tillman Red Sox
420 Larry Jackson Cubs
471 Billy Hoeft Tigers
490 Earl Battey Twins (2)

Thursday 02 Jun 2016: One card only.
263 Marty Keough Reds

Wednesday 27 Apr 2016: One card only.
169 Dave Vineyard Orioles

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sugar Daddy 1953 Comic Characters

Remember when you were a little kid and you looked forward to getting the Sunday edition of the newspaper so you could read the full color comic section? Back the early 1950s comic strips were super popular more so it seems than they are now days with the Anime comics and graphic novels and computerized shows on the internet and on television. In 1953 a company called James O. Welch Co. produced a set of trading cards that were inserted into the Sugar Daddy candy wrappers. There were 50 cards in all. Each with a comic character from one of the popular comic strips of the day. The character name was not included instead there were a series of blank boxes, like a crossword puzzle, that collector's were encouraged to fill out the name. When you collected 25 different cards you were to send in the cards, filled out with your guesses of the character's names and you would win a giant sized Sugar Daddy lollipop candy on a stick.

A second series was produced using the same 50 cards, except these include the name of the character and at the bottom of the card there was a coupon that kids were once again encouraged to send in. This time if you sent in 10 coupons and .25¢ you received a beanie cap or if you sent in 10 coupons and just .10¢ you received 12 beanie buttons.

Anyway you wanna see the cards. I have three cards with two different characters 2 from series 1 and 1 from series 2. Some months back I had mentioned these cards on the card forums where I mention my "mail days" so the description paragraphs I have more or less just copied from those posts to set up showing each of the cards, so there will be some repetitive information in this post.

On 05 June 2015 I got a lone card Non-Sport sweetie for $9.95 + $3.20 Shipping. A single nice condition 1953 R757-1 Comic Character Card "Sugar Daddy" series 29 The Dragon Lady from Terry And The Pirates. This was from a set of 50 cards where there are blank boxes that the collector was to fill in the blanks identifying the character and then after collecting 25 cards mailing the correctly identified cards in to the candy maker they would get a GIANT sized Sugar Daddy "lollipop". There is an identical second "series" R757-2 that has a "coupon" on the bottom of the card (similar to the tabs on the Red Man Tobacco cards). The coupon was for a beanie or set of beanie buttons.

On Wednesday 01 July 2015: I had a one envelope one card mail day. From Ebay for $24.99 + $3.00 shipping. Yeah I know the card was a bit expensive but I think worth it. a 1953 Sugar Daddy Comic Character Cards R757-2 #29 The Dragon Lady from Terry And The Pirates comic strip. A few weeks back I had gotten the other variant of this card the R757-1 variant for much cheaper. The first variant with the fill-in-the-blank for the name is slightly easier to find since it didn't have to be mutilated, this R757-2 variant the one with the coupon is sometimes difficult to find with the coupon intact and in such good shape as this one is in.

On 11 July 2015: From Ebay single package forget if it was a PWE or a small cardboard mailer. If I recall the contents (a single vintage non-sport card) was well protected by a cardboard sandwich and was in a penny sleeve. IN pursuit of my set build of the 1953 Sugar Daddy Comic Character Cards R757-1 (and -2 set) I got card #46 Indian Chief from the "Smitty" comic strip. The blanks are Unmarked of course as this is the way I am collecting this set. At first I was concerned that the card edges were TOO straight and it was "cut" but it seems to be the same size as my other card from this set. Oh the auction details it was a BIN purchase for $7.50 + $4.00 shipping.

I plan on getting the rest of this set both variants eventually. The sets are nearly identical 50 cards in the individual sets so that is 100 cards total. The dash one set I'll try to get unmarked and the dash two set I want with the coupon intact so both sets will take me a while to get. As usual I want to get it on the cheap.

My needs for the sets:
R757-1: (Fill in the blank) 2/50:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50

R757-2 (coupon version w/coupon): 1/50
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35,36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50

Thursday, June 30, 2016

State of The Blog: June 2016

JUNE 2016

OK lets see once again it is the very last day of the month and my damn procrastinating has got me fighting the very last seconds to get a post in on this month. Dammit. That also means the same thing for my Curly W Cards blog. FRACK!

OK real quick this is post number 16 for this year. That means a minimum of another 6 posts and not quite 2 posts per month on average. Oh and WOW I had 9 posts in January I was on a huge winning streak then. I need to do better dang it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ACK! I've Got Nothing Of A Post

Once again  have let a month slip by me and have to rush to get a post in before the end of the month to meet my own personal posting quota of at least one post a month. Even if it is a quick and dirty one. Well I do have a few things I really want to post but my damn procrastination of doing the necessary scanning for them prevents me from making those posts. Some of them are partly drafted up just waiting for their scans dontcha know.

In the quick and especially dirty. There is the world of politics. This being an election year and the choices we have are not very enjoyable. That reminds me I need to look out for the latest version of these things.

Since 1972 every election year there has been at least one company that has put out a deck of Parody playing cards that feature the popular political figures of the day. They are called Politicards. Somewhere around here I had mentioned the originals. Since this is a quick and dirty post I am not going to go hunting for my past post that barely mentioned the Original 1972 deck. My "Politicards" label should lead you to it.  To the best of my knowledge I have each of the decks except for this current 2016 set.  Which I think they went super cheesy on this year with making kid versions of the politico caricatures and calling it "PolitiKids".

This was just a quick and dirty way to slip in a card I had scanned at one time but apparently haven't posted about. Due mostly to discussing this card on a trading card forum for some all out bring em out drag em down throwdown contest I came in 3rd or 4th or something.

2012 Politicards - Queen of Diamonds Sarah Palin

Monday, April 11, 2016

Clowning Around A Little

Last spring training (2015) Comedian/Actor Will Ferrell pulled a publicity stunt for an HBO "Funny or Die" series where he played on 10 MLB teams in the Cactus League in one day. He played all nine positions and had two at bats. The logistics and the "contracts" must have been a nightmare. The ten teams he played for were: Athletics, Mariners, Angels, Cubs, Diamondbacks,  Reds, White Sox, Giants, Dodgers and Padres.

Anyway Topps in their infinite wisdom of all things trading cards made a 10 card Will Ferrell Sub-Set for 2015 Topps Archives Baseball. They also have autograph version of his cards and of course each of the millions of parallels they produce each and every year. Each of his cards is on a different vintage or modern style card. I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue these at first but then I thought OK as long as I don't spend too much on them. It would be nice to get the autograph versions but those like most things card related people are selling for just too damn much. Back in January this year (2016) from Ebay I got the first of the cards from the set for $2.99 + $3.00 shipping. $5 or $6 total is all I want to spend for each card. I might go up to about $10 including shipping but these quite frankly aren't worth more than about $5 each in my book.

2015 Topps Archives Baseball: 1965 Baseball Style
WF-1 Will Ferrell Athletics
(Front and Back)

As with many of Will's promotional gimmicks he was more playing around jack-ass clown than serious working participant. I need to get the other nine cards in this set. I also need to get the other 2/3 of the original 1965 Topps Baseball set I need that I have been trying to finish building for the last 2 years. Technically for the last 51 years.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

NCIS Box Toppers: Abby and Gibbs

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs!"
"Whatcha got Abbs?"

I am real excited about these two cards I got from Ebay. It took a while to find them at a price I could afford, and on one of them I paid a bit more than I really wanted to but less than what it normally starts at. These two are a bit hard to find at a good price, since most sellers ask for way way too much. [What else is new?] So the scoop on these cards. They are from the Non-Sport trading cards powerhouse that is called Rittenhouse. If there are trading cards for a TV show or movie they are probably the company currently producing them.

These two beauties are the box toppers from the NCIS Premiere Edition Trading Cards. They were seeded one per box. The base set is only 36 cards from the first 72 episodes (The first 3 seasons plus the first two episodes from season 4) of the television show NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. One of my absolute FAVE shows, usually number One tied with The Blacklist. The characters are two of my faves and if either of them left the show they would have to end it - IMHO

I will show them in reverse order of arrival since the first one I received has a bit longer story to tell, and numerically it is the second of the two.

2012 NCIS: Premiere Edition Box Topper Cards

This first card, the second to arrive was at a manageable $20.00 BIN w/ $2.50 shipping.

CT1: Leroy Jethro Gibbs played by Mark Harmon "Give it to me IN ENGLISH"
#d 222/225

Now this next one I went a little more nutso on. It originally had a BIN or BO (Best Offer) of $39.78 w/ $2.25 shipping. I wanted to offer $20 or $25, but I didn't want to risk being seen as low-balling and be totally ignored so I made an offer of $30.00 (approx. $10 lower) and the seller accepted it.

As you can see by the scan(s) it has a large gold "seal" to prove it is legit and hasn't been tampered with. When I first began seeing cards like this with their seals I thought it was great, but many of these seals are way too large cover up details that I would rather be able to see. For some sealed cards I plan on "unsealing"  them not worrying about any loss in value or prestige. Face it the seals are just another flashy gimmick. The image for the Gibbs card in the Ebay listing also showed a seal but it wasn't sent that way. I was a little bummed about that but Oh well as I said the seal is just a flashy gimmick.

CT2: Abby Sciuto played by Pauley Perrette "I'M A SCIENTIST, luck has nothing to do with it"
#d 145/225

Here is what I still need for this card set:

2012 Rittenhouse NCIS Premium Pack:
Base Set (0/36): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

Character Cards (0/9): C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9

Autograph Cards: (0/18): Pauley Perrette, Alicia Coppola, Alan Dale, Michael Nouri, Bob Newhart, Cheryl Ladd, Sandra Hess, Sean Harmon, Pancho Demmings, Charles Durning, Rocky Carroll, Lauren Holly, Brian Dietzen, Scottie Thompson, Stephanie Mello, Jessica Steen, Rena Sofer, Diane Neal

Box Topper (2/2): Complete

Promo Cards: (4/4): Complete

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trading Thursday: This One Is On Eleven

18 Feb 2016

I originally intended to post this on last Thursday the 11th. Like usual I got lazy and there is no big demand on this type of post so it doesn't matter when I post it if ever. OK so this Trading Thursday Post is actually the 5th one if my recollection and count is correct. Even though the first one wasn't technically a TT in name yet. OK so most of my stuff has been junk years stuff or from the last few years and unfortunately seem to be very boring to all. *loud heavy sigh*

This Week's Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

Got some "tall boys" to trade. These are the 1990s style tall boys so not as TALL as the older 1960s and 70s Tall Boys.

1993 Classic Games: Classic Futures: Tall Boys
5 Jamal Mashburn Kentucky (drafted by Mavericks)
1993-94 Fleer NBA Jam Session: Tall Boys
22 Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets
23 Alonzo Mourning Charlotte Hornets
49 Jamal Mashburn Mavericks (1st round draft pick)
1of8 Flashing Star: Anfernee Hardaway Magic
7of8 Second Year Star: Isaiah Rider Timberwolves
1997 Topps Basketball: 148 Kevin Garnett Timberwolves - Graded card by FGS (Finest Grading Service) Gem Mint 10

1992 Game Day: Tall Boys
468 Andre Rison Falcons
471 Phil Simms Giants Traded
1994 Fleer Game Day: Tall Boys
164 Steve Jackson Oilers (born 4/8/69 NOT the current Steven Jackson from Rams/Falcons/Patriots)
189 Mark Collins Chiefs
205 James Jett Raiders
239 Terry Kirby Dolphins
242 Troy Vincent Dolphins
252 Warren Moon Vikings
292 Rodney Hampton Giants Traded
302 James Hasty Jets Traded
313 Eric Allen Eagles
320 Charlie Garner Eagles
370 Dana Stubblefield 49ers
389 Horace Copeland Buccaneers

1994 Nintendo Killer Instinct Tall Boys No Numbers
B. Orchid
TJ Combo

UPDATED 05 Sept 2016 for some trades.

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

A Fifth Of February: All cards still available
Experiment Number One: All 3 cards still available
CFL Trading: All lots still available

If you would like to see a scan of any card I've mentioned please contact me and I can either Email the image or post in one my Picasa Web Albums (or my ancient Photobucket)

Friday, February 5, 2016

3 Cards Including A Dupe In A Bat Envelope

I'm not sure what is more exciting about this particular PWE I received the cards or the stamp that was used. OK the cards are what really excited me and the stamp was just an added bonus.

On a typical day last month (January 2016) I got two PWEs in the mail. One PWE had a card I bought from Ebay that I will talk about some other post and the other had 3 cards I got from Sportlots. All 3 cards were from an auction with a .25¢ opening bid plus .99¢ shipping (combined somewhat).

1968 Topps Football: 2 cards both cards a bit offcenter borderline miscut.
106 Ed Meador Rams coin rub cartoon on back totally blank must have been a dud.

(Front and Back)

107 Fred Cox Vikings back cartoon is regular printed one.

(Front and Back)

1963 Topps Baseball:
69 Bud Zipfel Senators. When I bid on this one unfortunately I didn't realize I already had it. Fortunately this one is in better condition than the one I had. So it is an upgrade.

( Front and Back)

Oh a cool thing about the PWE is the stamp was a Batman Forever stamp.

In the long run I'm not sure if I will actually keep the stamp.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Trading Thursday: A Fifth Of February

04 Feb 2006

Oops I goofed on the title for this week. I was thinking Thursday was the fifth for some reason. It is only the fourth.

OK so my followers count is now back up to 100. Yay and all that. Regarding trading I do admit I still owe a few people some packages from either an outstanding trade agreement from way back or contest winnings lot or what-have-you. It nags at me from time to time and the nagging is getting more intense. For the most part I know who I owe but there are a few I need to double check what it is I need to send. If you think I owe you some cards contact me and remind me what I am supposed to be sending your way.

This Week's Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

I am just going to list a whole bunch of cards right now. I won't post individual scans as my original concept of this series of posts was to be. Over time it would be too much of a chore and I would be limited to how many cards I could mention in a post. I can scan on request if needed.

1988 Donruss/Leaf All-Star Pop-Ups all "Unpopped" No Numbers:
Dwight Gooden Mets
Mark McGwire As
Ryne Sandberg Cubs
Dave Winfield Yankees (2)
1991 Topps Cracker Jack Micro 17 Mark Langston Angels - has two light creases one can be seen front and back the other just the front
1999 Upper Deck Choice Starquest Blue:
SQ10 Chipper Jones Braves
SQ19 Scott Rolen Phillies
2009 Goodwin Champions Memorabilia Series: GCM-BH Bill Hall Brewers all gray mesh swatch in "M"
2011 Topps Baseball: Diamond Anniversary "crushed ice" variant 466 Johnny Damon Rays
2012 Topps Bowman Chrome Baseball: 1st Card: BDPP23 Barrett Barnes Pirates
2013 Topps Baseball: Emerald Parallel: 164 Lucas Harrell Astros
2013 Topps Heritage Baseball:
317 Lance Berkman Rangers
358 Casey Kotchman Indians
2013 Topps Tier One: Relic: TOR-EH Eric Hosmer Royals all white mesh #d 334/399

1994-95 Classic Rookies Basketball (College Unis): Rookies: 5 Kevin Garnett USA uniform (Timberwolves) (2)
2003-2004 Upper Deck Basketball: LeBron's Diary LJ8 LeBron James Cavaliers
2008-09 Topps Chrome Basketball: 201 Courtney Lee Magic
2013-14 Panini Elite Basketball:
53 Deron Williams Nets
91 Andre Miller Nuggets
172 Andray Blatche Nets
198 Ty Lawson Nuggets

2004 Topps Bazooka Football: Bazooka All-Stars: BAS-RW Roy Williams Cowboys all blue mesh Jersey Relic
2008 Bowman Chrome Football: BC159 Justin Fargas Raiders

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

Experiment Number One: All 3 cards still available
CFL Trading: All lots still available

If you would like to see a scan of any card I've mentioned please contact me and I can either Email the image or post in one my Picasa Web Albums (or my ancient Photobucket)