Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Box Break 1: Any Takers?

Its been one week since I announced this box break and so far no sign-ups, of course I didn't plug it too much either. For the details see my original "Official" Blog Group Box Break 1: 2007 Baseball post. If this break actually happens I will update that post as people sign up for it.

I think the reasons I haven't had any sign-ups are:
  • Too close to Winter Holiday Shopping
  • Not enough blog followers so no extra publicity
  • No interest in 2007 Baseball products
  • Team not available? Only for my fellow Nationals and Orioles collectors
  • Don't trust a rookie group break host? 
  • Already involved with another group break
I could probably wait till sometime later to do this break, but I don't want to do that I've had these boxes sitting since around July/August. I was fortunate when I got them from CharmCityCards that I was actually home when UPS had shipped them, even though I had asked when I ordered for it to be shipped USPS. But the order had gotten snagged on a few things. Part of it was my being limited to having to pay via check as I don't have credit cards anymore (another story another time maybe). If I hadn't had contacted them I probably would have never gotten the dang order, but that is another story that is past its time and I won't tell it. Plus I can't remember all the details of it so there.

If I get only 9 people to sign-up then each person in the break will get 2 random teams in addition to their picked team. 14 sign ups will give everyone 1 random team. Due to my current member base I don't foresee any more than 14 people signing up, but that would be great if more do. More than 14 people means no random teams assigned any unclaimed teams will have there hits and inserts randomized.

I'll see if this fills up in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn't I'll have to go to plan B.

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