Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sending Out?

Right now I have lots of cards on the table (figuratively and literally), doing all sorts of things, including thinking of putting together some card care packages for a few folks in the blogiverse. I've got to double check some addresses and recheck some blogs, or contests, or past trade agreements to make sure I'm sending some of the type of stuff folks like. If they don't like the stuff well then it isn't my problem anymore then is it? I'm not making any promises to anyone right now, this isn't a card forum where those rules are strict. That is one of the things I need to stop doing, trades on forums. I'm still involved in a few group breaks on a few of them which does pose a little bit of a problem there. Lately group breaks are the only way for me to get some of the very new stuff for my teams, especially the high-end stuff. Plus I'm a bit addicted to watching some (not all) of the breaks on video.

Anyway I really should get rid of more stuff than the little I'm planning on sending out. Some of it I need to see what it is before I know what to do with it. My football stuff is really a gridiron monster that I try not to feed too often. I really want to get rid of a bunch of team lots of almost all the sports. I am starting with the Basketball I am currently going through. So hey if you don't mind random cards from random years, brands, players etc... some in great shape some in, well not so great shape. You might want to send me an email to my Yahoo addy klandersen and tell me which sport/teams you are really into. If you send me your mailing address you might get something in the next few weeks, or in the fall, or maybe never. You can also check my small  Trade Stuff page to see if there is anything you like there. Who knows?

OK so now here is where I post something totally random just to finish this post off and make everybody wonder what I am really up to.

I was going to post only this, but when I saw the picture that follows still in my pics folder on my hard-drive I thought why not? So you get a bonus pic, lucky you.