Sunday, August 4, 2013

Basketball Team Lots For Trade Or Sale

I mentioned about a month ago that I had acquired a collection of mostly early 1990s Basketball cards. They range from roughly 1992-1995 with most being 1994-1995. I finally got them sorted into teams and took a card count. I Would prefer to trade these as team lots for Bullets/Wizards lots, but am also willing to sell them as team lots. $5.00 for teams with 50+ cards and $2.50 for teams under 50 cards. There are some duplicates. Some teams have a star or two from those years some don't. I am sealing them into team bags or plastic card cases/boxes so I can't look for any specific players. Contact me with any/all offers.

Team: Card Count
Atlanta Hawks: 62
Boston Celtics: 48
Charlotte Hornets: 44
Chicago Bulls: 57
Cleveland Cavaliers: 29
Dallas Mavericks: 30
Denver Nuggets: 48
Detroit Pistons: 39
Golden State Warriors: 60
Houston Rockets: 44
Indiana Pacers: 46
LA Clippers: 47
LA Lakers: 62
Miami Heat: 48
Milwaukee Bucks: 35
Minnesota Timberwolves: 41
New Jersey Nets: 50
New York Knicks: 44
Orlando Magic: 49
Philadelphia Sixers: 48
Phoenix Suns: 66
Portland Trail Blazers: 41 Reserved
Sacramento Kings: 52
San Antonio Spurs: 57
Seattle SuperSonics: 47
Toronto Raptors: 6 Reserved
Utah Jazz: 42

Multi-Team, Checklists, and Undrafted: 28

Email trade offers to klandersen at Yahoo dot com.

As I said I would like to trade these teams for Bullets/Wizards, Squires. If you don't have those then my teams from the other sports are Nationals/Senators, Orioles, Redskins, Rams, Capitals, Some Ravens, and Pre-1980 vintage. I am mostly concentrating on the baseball right now. You can checkout What I collect, and to see what I already have cataloged and don't need see my Zistle page, plus my master want list has some of what I am still (or always) looking for. I am trying to get all my lists updated, but there is still a very very long way to go. I also do some Non-Sports, mostly sci-fi and the pre 1,000s of inserts and sub-sets (Pre-late 1990s) years. I am most picky about the Non-Sport. I tend to be more whatever attracts my eye with Non-Sport.

For sales just contact me via email and make an offer to start negotiating.

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