Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Da Randomizing

This post is the final new post about my Blog Group Box Break Basketball Edition All the boxes have been opened and the videos and recaps posted. Now all that is left is to do the randomizing of the unclaimed team's Rookies, parallels, inserts and Hits. Plus randomizing the multi-team cards owned by two members. That is covered in this post. Then everything gets packaged and shipped out soon (Hopefully this next weekend).

First the unclaimed parallels, rookies and inserts will be randomly assigned to members by team. Then the multi-team cards will be randomized between the two members who have the teams shown. Any of the multi-team cards that were two "unclaimed" teams will now have claims, if any of those are now just one person that member will automatically get the card no randomizing. Then the three remaining hits will be individually randomized.

So this is how things break down. Including myself we had only 5 group members but we had 17 claimed teams that breaks down to almost 3.5 teams per member (technically it is 3.4). There are 13 unclaimed teams. The list of teams will be matched up to a randomized list of break members. The number of teams claimed by a member will be his number of chances at that particular team or hit up for grabs. I will only be in the randomization for the unclaimed team assignments, not the final hits.

The randomizing was recorded on video and posted on YouTube.

Good Luck to all.


Here is the list of Unclaimed teams: For the Rookies, Parallels (Gold, Red Backs etc...) and Inserts.

After randomizing the member names 3 times here are the results:

List Randomizer

There were 17 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Billy 2
  2. Mike 2
  3. Billy 1
  4. Billy 4
  5. Brian 1
  6. Mike 1
  7. Brian 3
  8. Chad 2
  9. Mike 5
  10. Kirk
  11. Brian 4
  12. Chad 1
  13. Brian 2
  14. Chad 3
  15. Mike 4
  16. Mike 3
  17. Billy 3
Timestamp: 2015-06-03 03:39:16 UTC
You have randomized this list 3 times.

The team assignments:

  1. 76ers - Billy
  2. Bobcats/Hornets - Mike
  3. Bucks - Billy
  4. Grizzlies - Billy
  5. Hawks - Brian
  6. Jazz - Mike
  7. Kings - Brian
  8. Magic - Chad
  9. Nuggets - Mike
  10. Pacers - Kirk
  11. Pistons - Brian
  12. Rockets - Chad
  13. Suns - Brian

The results of the multi-team cards: (Member name in BOLD is card winner)
2012-13 Prestige Connections #2 Marcus Morris Rockets (Chad) and Markieff Morris Suns (Brian)
2014-15 Hoops Matchups #7 Russell Westbrook Thunder (Billy) and Tony Parker Spurs (Brian)
2014-15 Hoops Matchups #9 Carmelo Anthony Knicks (Billy) and Dwyane Wade Heat (Chad)
2014-15 Hoops Matchups #11 Victor Oladipo Magic (Chad) and Michael Carter-Williams 76ers (Billy)
2014-15 Hoops Trading Places #20 Brandon Jennings Pistons (Brian) and Brandon Knight Bucks (Billy)

And now the Results of the Remaining HITS:
2013-14 Hoops Signatures #50 Kyle O'Quinn Magic on-sticker auto blue sharpie (Billy)
2014-15 Hoops Hot Signatures #59 Ben McLemore Kings on-sticker auto blue sharpie (Mike)
2014-15 Hoops Hot Signatures #81 Tyler Ennis Suns (Chad)

Congratulations to all. I hope you enjoy your cards once you receive them.

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