Monday, June 1, 2015

Mascot Monday: Logo Key

Mascot Monday: Logo Unmasked

Over on my Curly W Cards blog I began a little project that started off by just something I thought would be kind of helpful to some folks who read that blog. It ballooned from that one-shot idea into an even larger project for myself that now spans both blogs. As many readers (The 2 or 3 regular readers) of my blogs may have noticed, or not, I like to make logos for my regular and semi-regular features. The last few times I've made them I decided to do a spread out collection collage of cards that meet the criteria for the feature they are for.

The current logo for this blog is made up of a few of the collages I have made and used for my blogs. I will not attempt to make a key for that one, maybe for the individual collages it is made up. For some of them I might not have some of the cards anymore.

Basically I just spread the cards out covering the entire area of my flatbed scanner and scan the mess. Sometimes I rearrange things or cover up holes if the first attempt wasn't to my satisfaction. Most of the time though it is just a one and done scan. I should have done the logo keys, or key logos when I first did the scanning but I didn't think of doing a post like this back then for any of them. It would have made identifying things much easier. Fortunately most of the time I can recognize what is what.

For these Mascots though it is a good thing I have kept most of my mascot cards lumped together and not sorted into sets yet.

On to the identifying the cards. The team in (parentheses) is the Major League team affiliate at the time of the card. Many of these teams have changed affiliates and several have changed names and moved to different cities completely since the card was printed. It seems that in 2014 there was a major shifting of teams.

Row 1:
1998 Multi-Ad Sports Rascal 28 Harrisburg Senators (Expos)
2007 Topps Opening Day Baseball 189 Homer Atlanta Braves
2007 Multi-Ad Sports 35 Woolie Hagerstown Suns (Nationals)
2010 Grandstand NNO Recycle Man Spokane Indians (Rangers)
2010 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 299 Cosmo Las Vegas 51s (Mets)
2010 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 473 Slider Rochester Honkers
(Northwoods League - A collegiate summer league)

Row 2:
2011 Grandstand NNO Rascal Harrisburg Senators (Nationals)
2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball M-3 Ace Toronto Blue Jays
Space with unidentified piece of card showing. This little patch around the center in this logo I haven't figured out which card it comes from. The little green area between the Toronto Blue Jays Mascot Ace and The South Bend Silver Hawks Swoop. I thought I knew which one it was (Bubba Grape) but that card is already shown elsewhere in the photo. It looks like an image I seem to recall of a military Minuteman type character in green with purple another card of Louis the Lumberking maybe? I can somewhat remember what the image looks like he is running/jogging the bases or maybe the warning track. A chunk of my mascot cards I can't locate right now it has to be with them.
Not Dated (After 1998): TCU Swoop South Bend Silver Hawks (Diamondbacks)
2010 Grandstand NNO Keyote Frederick Keys (Orioles) - Autographed in black sharpie
2010 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 174 Rocky Bluewinkle Wilmington Blue Rocks (Royals)

Row 3:
1999 Grandstand NNO Louie The Lumberking Clinton Lumberkings (Reds)
1984 Donruss Baseball 651 The Famous Chicken AKA: San Diego Chicken San Diego Padres
2012 Topps Opening Day Baseball  M-22 Screech Washington Nationals
2002 Mulit-Ad Sports 31 Homer Edmonton Trappers (Twins)
2010 Choice Sports Cards 14 Lou E. Loon Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers)
Very small space with a Topps Opening Day Logo, too small and generic to ever figure out which card it came from. Unless...Hmm the MLB logo is at the top of the Opening Day Logo. That helps narrow it down to a year, dang the picture is too blurry to make out the year looks like 2007 and 2010 are the only years I have that have the MLB logo above and not below the OD Logo...

I think I've narrowed it down to most likely being the 2007 Topps Opening Day Baseball The Bird (Orioles).

2009 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 191 Lucky The Beaver Portland Beavers (Padres)
2009 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 123 Uncle Slam Potomac Nationals (Nationals)

This was also a sneaky way to get myself to scan some mascot cards so I can reboot my Mascot Monday feature.


  1. That Edmonton Trappers mascot is freaking me out.

    1. Yes it is creepy and very odd. Usually mascots have ball heads not ball bodies. Maybe they had budget cuts.