Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Topps Baseball First Break

On Saturday 20 Feb I went to Target and got a blaster of 2010 Topps Baseball (10 packs of 8 cards plus 1 pack of a special "Historical Commemorative Patch Card") and 3 Jumbo Packs (36ct. Rack Packs). I made a video of my breaking the blaster on Ustream (I am "captkirk42" there also) and since the recording for the Jumbo packs didn't save I made a "review" video of those. Here let me give the links to the videos.

2010 Topps Baseball 10 pack Blaster
2010 Topps Baseball 36ct Jumbo Packs (3)

In my video I think I mentioned some cards that I thought were duplicates but upon later review they are the short print? "raw back" variations so those will not be for trade.

I got 4 of the Topps Million Card Giveaway cards (TMC-6, 7, 8, & 9). I unlocked all 4 tonight and will sometime post what cards I will be getting along with the fronts of the TMC cards to show what they look like. I plan on collecting the 10 different TMC cards. I'm not sure what I will do with any duplicates after they have been unlocked and redeemed. The cards I unlocked were all 1970s cards, 2 are 1975 and 2 are 1973 I don't think I had any of them before.

Here is what I got pack by Pack from my break on Saturday.

2010 Topps Baseball Blaster 10 packs + 1 Historical Commemorative Patch Card.

Pack 1
277 Jarrod Washburn Tigers (raw back)
292 Giants Franchise History with park picture (raw back)
56 Andy Pettitte Yankees (raw back)
HOTG9 History of the Game Lou Gehrig Replaces Waley Pipp 1925
Million Card Giveaway card TMC-8
TTT23 Toppstown C.C. Sabathia Yankees FT
173 Kendry Morales Angels (raw back)
47 Brad Penny Giants (raw back)

Pack 2
162 Wade Davis Rays (raw back)
142 Tim Hudson Braves (raw back)
5 Texas Rangers Manager/Team Card (raw back)
227 Josh Thole Mets (raw back)
CMT-25 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1976 Mike Schmidt Phillies (Mom back)
PP-15 Peak Performance Alex Rodriguez Yankees
FCTTT7 Toppstown Josh Hamilton Rangers FT
125 Ichiro Mariners (raw back)

Pack 3
248 Jason Kendall Brewers
188 Joe Blanton Phillies
293 Brent Dlugach Tigers
140 Matt Holliday Cardinals
CMT-36 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1987 Bo Jackson Royals Future Stars
TMC-9 Million Card Giveaway Card
TTT7 Toppstown Josh Hamilton Rangers FT
24 John Maine Mets

Pack 4
87 Darin Erstad Astros
326 Tyler Colvin Cubs
227 Josh Tholer Mets
TOG-18 Tales of the Game Prince Fielder BP HR at age 12
PP11 Peak Performance Mel Ott New York Giants
FCTTT2 Toppstown David Wright Mets
69 Kansas City Royals Team card
117 David De Jesus Royals

Pack 5
49 Jorge De La Rosa Rockies
292 Tommy Manzella Astros
328 Chicago Cubs Manager/Team Card
HOTG19 History of the Game Johnny Bench 1st MLB Draft 1965
TR11 Turkey Red Cole Hamels Phillies TRADED
TTT19 Toppstown Justin Upton Diamondbacks FT
256 Akinori Iwamura Pirates
130 Vladimir Guerrero Angels

Pack 6
2 Buster Posey Giants
34 Michael Dunn Yankees
302 Checklist 5 of 5 Red Sox on Front
CTM-13 Cards your mom threw out - 1964 Brooks Robinson Orioles
116 - 1979 Ozzie Smith - Card Your Mom Threw Out Original Back
LL19 Legendary Lineage Whitey Ford/C.C. Sabathia FT
TTT4 Toppstown Adrian Gonzalez Padres FT
107 Scott Hairston Athletics

Pack 7
114 Chris Iannetta Rockies
163 Josh Butler Brewers
294 Adam Dunn Nationals
WTWY-GB When They Were Young - Gordon Beckham White Sox
TTT21 Toppstown Adam Dunn Nationals
211 Kelly Shoppach Indians
53 Craig Counsell Brewers
144 Rich Harden Cubs
Topps Attax Head-To-Head Card Game Promo Card FT

Pack 8
48 Joey Votto Reds
303 Chris Snyder D'backs
236 Andrew Bailey Athletics
152 Nyjer Morgan Nationals Gold Border
PP-27 Peak Performance Tom Seaver Mets
TTT11 Toppstown Brian McCann Braves
208 Tim Wakefield Red Sox
111 Ty Wigginton Orioles

Pack 9
29 Aubrey Huff Tigers
60 David Wright Mets
106 NL ERA Leaders Carpenter, Lincecum & Jurrjens
CMT-11 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1962 Mickey Mantle Yankees
TR27 Turkey Red Edwin Jackson Tigers TRADED
FCTTT13 Toppstown Miguel Cabrera Tigers FT
290 Orlando Hudson Dodgers
89 J.A. Happ Phillies

Pack 10
135 Ryan Dempster Cubs
287 Jhonny Peralta Indians
TOG-23 Tales Of The Game - Manny Being Manny
LL28 Legendary Lineage Nolan Ryan/Zack Greinke FT
TTT21 Toppstown Adam Dunn Nationals (Dupe FT)
170 Jason Bay Red Sox
213 Ricky Nolasco Marlins
250 Mark Teixeira Yankees

Hisotrical Commemorative Patch Card
MCP-2 - 1923 World Series Commemorative Patch Babe Ruth Yankees TRADED
I'm sort of torn about it as I'm against patch cards because normally they are just pieces from a uniform but these are manufactured patches replicas of real patches. Based on a card from last year with the Babe on it that was valued at $30 I was told this one is probably about $20-$25

2010 Topps Baseball Jumbo Pack 36 ct.

Pack 1: Top
35 Rick Porcello Tigers
128 Garrett Mock Nationals
277 Jarrod Washburn Tigers
202 Giants Franchise History with park picture
162 Wade Davis Rays
321 Pat Burrell Rays
80 Tim Lincecum Giants
196 Ian Desmond Nationals
237 Checklist 3 of 5 Brewers on Front
265 Angels Manager/Team Card
TMC-7 Million Card Giveaway Card
PPR-MY Peak Performance Michael Young Rangers GU (grey swatch) FT
TTT19 Toppstown Justin Upton Diamondbacks FT
244 Barry Zito Giants
312 Tyler Flowers White Sox
36 Tobi Stoner Mets
219 Kevin Hart Pirates

Pack 1: Bottom
13 Melvin Mora Orioles
81 Ryan Theriot Cubs
176 Yovani Gallardo Brewers
267 Toronto Blue Jays Franchise History
300 Chase Utley Phillies
280 Mark DeRosa Cardinals
268 Juan Pierre Dodgers
306 Milton Bradley Cubs
CMT-30 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1981 Eddie Murray Orioles
TR42 Turkey Red Ian Kinsler Rangers TRADED
LL24 Legendary Lineage Bob Gibson/Tim Lincecum FT
PP26 Peak Performance Joe Mauer Twins
WTWY-JD When They Were Young Johnny Damon Yankees
77 Kenshin Kawakami Braves
123 Jeff Samardzija Cubs
297 Ben Zobrist Rays
71 Mike Hampton Astros

Pack 2: Top
43 Marco Scutaro Blue Jays
221 Russell Branyan Mariners
156 Tony Gwynn Jr. Padres
101 Scott Baker Twins
23 Shane Victorino Phillies
292 Tommy Manzella Astros (Dupe FT)
34 Michael Dunn Yankees (Dupe FT)
163 Josh Butler Brewers (Dupe FT)
236 Andrew Bailey Athletics (Dupe FT)
32 Cincinnati Reds Manager/Team Card
73 NL Wins Leaders Wainwright, Carpenter, & De La Rosa
206 NL Home Runs Leaders Pujuls, Fielder & Howard
HOTG22 History Of The Game - Nolan Ryan Throws 7th No-Hitter 1991
TTT4 Toppstown Adrian Gonzalez Padres FT
214 Matt Kemp Dodgers
238 Ian Stewart Rockies
90 Ian Kinsler Rangers
205 Chris Coghlan Marlins
301 Jack Cust Athletics

Pack 2: Bottom
142 Tim Hudson Braves
99 Garrett Jones Pirates
28 Jonathan Sanchez Giants
126 John Smoltz Cardinals
293 Brent Dlugach Tigers (Dupe FT)
326 Tyler Colvin Cubs (Dupe FT)
199 Seattle Mariners Manager/Team Card
102 Minnesota Twins Manager/Team Card
CMT-38 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1989 Gery Sheffield Brewers
TR28 Turkey Red Mickey Mantle Yankees PC
TOG14 Tales Of The Game Reggie Jackson World Series HR Hat Trick
LL9 Legendary Lineage Honus Wagner/Hanley Ramirez FT
PP34 Peak Perforance Ichiro Mariners
124 Rickie Weeks Brewers
157 Mike Sweeney Mariners
118 Brandon Morrow Mariners
104 New York Mets Franchise History

Blank Anti Theft Security Strip Card

Pack 3: Top
79 Francisco Cordero Reds
109 Justin Masterson Indians
330 Brandon Allen D'backs
52 Billy Butler Royals
122 Carlos Ruiz Phillies
278 Carlos Delgado Mets
204 Checklist 2 of 5 Rangers on Front
309 Gerald Laird Tigers
134 Philadelphia Phillies Manager/Team Card
51 Eric Young Jr. Rockies
187 Will Venable Padres Gold Border
TMC6 Million Card Giveaway Card
TTT16 Toppstown Kevin Youkilis Red Sox FT
69 Kansas City Royals Team Card (Dupe FT)
117 David DeJesus Royals (Dupe FT)
256 Akinori Iwamura Pirates (Dupe FT)
130 Vladimir Guerrero Angels (Dupe FT)
107 Scott Hairston Athletics (Dupe FT)
211 Kelly Shoppach Indians (Dupe FT)

Pack 3: Bottom
127 Hank Blalock Rangers
57 C.C. Sabathia Yankees
78 Tim Stauffer Padres
160 Miguel Tejada Astros
322 Travis Buck Athletics
299 Gary Sheffield Mets
66 Kyle Phillips Blue Jays
232 St. Louis Cardinals Manager/Team Card
187 Will Venable Padres
CMT-2 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 1953 Jackie Robinson Dodgers
TR18 Turkey Red Ryan Braun Brewers TRADED
LL4 Legendary Lineage Lou Gehrig/Mark Teixeira FT
PP31 Peak Performance Manny Ramirez Dodgers
7 Mickey Mantle Yankees
16 Johnny Cueto Reds
45 David Hernandez Orioles
24 John Maine Mets (Dupe FT)

Overall opinion of the set. Very Good. Perhaps there are a few too many subsets. Not a big fan of the Toppstown or oddly enough the Legendary Lineage subsets. I will not collect the Legendary Lineage set, the Toppstown I will only collect select cards from. I am undecided on the Peak Performance set.

I noticed in the blaster there were some short prints that have the raw unfinished backs (like in the days of vintage before all the shiny glossy modern stuff) from the front it took me a little while to notice the one subtle difference. The Topps logo on the SPs is the 70s logo where the "T" curves under the word. The regular variations have the modern Topps logo everything else on the front appears the same. The regular versions seem to have brighter deeper colors this may because of the cardstock.

Some Totals From 1 Blaster and 3 Jumbo Packs (rack packs):
4 Million Card Giveaway Promo cards
6 Peak Performance Cards
1 Peak Performance GU
10 Toppstown Cards (3 duplicated)
3 Toppstown Cards Gold Background
5 Turkey Red Cards
5 Legendary Lineage Cards
2 When They Were Young Cards
3 Tales Of The Game Cards
3 History Of The Game Cards
10 SP Raw Back from Blaster only (5 I got the regular variation also)
7 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - Mom Back
1 Cards Your Mom Threw Out - Original Back
(From Blaster) 1 Historical Commemorative Patch Card
2 Gold border variations (1 I had the regular base of)
Rest Base (13 duplicates)

UPDATE: 22Feb10 The 4 Turkey Reds have been claimed for a trade.


  1. The 2010 Topps Baseball Card set is going to be a classic set talked about for years to come. I love buying those packs and maybe I can get one of the 1952 cards in their million card giveaway.

    2010 Topps Baseball Cards Giveaway TV Commercial

  2. yeah, I got mixed feeling about the manu-patch stuff. It's not as nice as a "genuine" piece of an actual jersey, but then again, even those aren't actually genuine anymore... but I also don't put much of a premium on the manufactured stuff, worth more than some of the base stuff, but how much more.. I don't know...