Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little Eye Candy

Not sure of the history of this particular card, so I can't give many details about it. I'm not even sure when it was made or the series it may have come from. Kathy Ireland got her claim to fame by being a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and was the even more prestigious cover model on the 25th Anniversary Issue. She still has that cute "innocent/not-so-innocent girl next door" look about her. About all I can say about this card is I got it from Ebay (of course) in June of 2008 and paid $10 delivered Max. I think I got if for $5 - $7 can't remember the exact price. Even though it looks black in the scan her facsimile signature and the partial borders are gold.

That same day (02 June 2008) I got a  sexy Manon Rheaume card a 1993 Ballstreet card. OK so it's not as sexy and she's not in a swimsuit (neither is Kathy on that card), she's wearing a long sleeved sweatshirt and khaki shorts. Apparently that was an insert/freebie or attached to an issue of Ballstreet Magazine. So maybe the Kathy Ireland card is a similar deal (a card that was an insert to a magazine)

I didn't scan the back of the Manon card. I had scanned the front a few years back and it is in my photobucket but forgot I had it there., but not the back. I don't like to use my photobucket for the images in my blogs because PB gets blocked at work and I sometimes like to do edits and check how things look at work from a different machine than the one I post stuff from.

[Update: work no longer blocks photobucket but I still tend to forget what I have there and neglect it. I would delete most of the stuff there but I don't know what (if any) images I have linked from there to this or other blogs I have]

EDITED: To add scan of Manon Rheaume card back.


  1. I never realized that Manon's backside looked so bad...

  2. Kathy circa SI days, is one of my all time faves. I'll prove it soon.

  3. never been much of a SI type of person, but the eye candy works!!