Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Any More Takers? Last Call!

I Still have a few open spots for My First Blog Group Box Break. Still some nice teams available. $15 gets you one team you choose and two random teams. Its an all 2007 Baseball Break. I have the boxes and many times have been very tempted just to rip them open and keep every last card. Mwwaaahhaaaaaaahhhh

By my count including my second team as a spot I only need 3 more folks to fill this. Lets say we get this puppy filled by Midnight EST Monday 04 February 2013 (Super Bowl Sunday into Monday). You can start sending payments on Monday and make sure I have your mailing address and your real name so I can send out your cards properly. My Paypal email is klandersen at aol dot com (using the proper format of course)

If this break doesn't completely fill I'll still open the boxes, and those who have already signed up will receive their teams, I'll just have some extra teams to do something with. I'll start opening the boxes on Wednesday 06 February. I will do a video of opening each box, and later blog a pack-by-pack commentary.

BTW: My followers probably see that a new post was made last night. Blogger did one of those weird things and prematurely published the post I was drafting at the time. That or I accidentally hit "publish" instead of "save", but Blogger was acting screwy and I'm usually careful about the "publish" button (not always though). I've seen this sort of thing on other blogs I follow - Blogger shows a post has been made you click on the link for the post and the post "doesn't exist". The post will appear Thursday.

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  1. Blogger has done some pretty wonky things to me over the last 5 years...