Thursday, January 17, 2013

Box Break Price Drop

I think I will have to drop the price for this here Blog Group Box Break I am trying to fill. Dropping the price down a little to $15 per slot (1 chosen team, 2 random). Just 7 slots to fill. Hoping to fill by this weekend Remember the boxes are already IN house. As soon as the break fills I'll start busting them. Then after the boxes have been opened and payments received I'll ship them out.

If break doesn't fill then I'll have to go to Plan B since I've been trying to get this thing off the ground since late Nov. What is Plan B? Well that I'll mention on Monday or maybe Tuesday because I should do a "Mascot Monday" for Monday.


  1. At $15 each I'll take two slots, you can put me down for the Dodgers too.