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BGBB1: Bowman

 Date Busted 06 February 2013
(Break video on USTREAM
NOTE: Bowman is not my most favorite of products this modern version of all rookies and prospects used to confuse the heck out of me, but it is a very popular product that is why I chose to open it. For the video it looks like I rambled on a bit much and I think the end of the video cut off near the last few packs (or maybe not). Not sure of exact spot so the pack-by-pack commentary will have the full details of the pulls. Overall it was pretty good, we did get the 1 Prospects Autograph in pack one. Things looked a little brighter as I was going through cataloging for the color commentary. At first I thought the box was a dud, but when I started documenting what we had gotten I noticed the Auto was in pack one and we got not only the Dice K Rookie but the gold parallel of it.
24 packs per box, 10 cards per pack 
Key Rookies:
* Alexi Casilla * Daisuke Matsuzaka * Hideki Okajima *Andrew Miller * Ryan Braun * Elijah Dukes *

Box contents: Pack by Pack
111 Anibal Sanchez Marlins
21 Jeremy Hermida Marlins
86 Cliff Lee Indians
214 Fred Lewis RC Giants
BP133 Jarrod Saltalamacchia Braves - Blue Prospect Auto (blue sharpie on card) 188/500
200 Alex Rodriguez Yankees Gold Parallel
BC70 Neal Musser Royals - Chrome
BC101 Jarod Burton Reds - Chrome  
BP94 Leo Daigle Orioles - 1st Card Prospect
BP89 Mike Madsen Athletics - 1st Card Prospect

76 Nick Swisher Athletics
75 Ichiro Mariners
52 Jason Giambi Yankees
213 Kei Igawa RC Yankees
163 David Eckstein Cardinals
115 Carlos Zambrano Cubs Gold Parallel
BC75 Bradley Davis Marlins - Chrome Refractor 273/500
BC67 Sean Thompson Padres - Chrome
BP20 Lucas French Tigers - 1st Card Prospect
BP31 Marvin Lowrance Nationals - 1st Card Prospect

153 Hank Blalock Rangers
35 Johan Santana Twins
79 Lyle Overbay Blue Jays
98 Tadahito Iguchi White Sox
56 Dan Haren Athletics Blue Border Parallel 024/500   
206 Ubaldo Jimenez RC Rockies Gold Parallel   
BC74 Randy Wells Cubs - Chrome
BC25 Michael Sullivan Tigers - Chrome
BP1 Cooper Brannon Padres - 1st Card Prospect
BP22 Ryan Schreppel Diamondbacks - 1st Card Prospect
 PACK 4:
115 Carlos Zambrano Cubs
143 Frank Thomas Blue Jays
90 Derek Jeter Yankees
210 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC Red Sox
BP31 Marvin Lowrance Nationals - 1st Card Prospect Blue Parallel 123/500
90 Derek Jeter Yankees Gold Parallel
BC83 Brad Knox Athletics - Chrome
BC4 Robert Alcombrack Indians - Chrome
BP30 David Haehnel Orioles - 1st Card Prospect
BP71 Tony Abreu Dodgers - 1st Card Prospect

54 Jack Wilson Pirates
219 Hideki Okajima RC Red Sox
12 Carlos Quentin Diamondbacks
74 Brian Giles Padres
173 Mark Teixeira Rangers 
BP22 Ryan Schreppel Diamondbacks -Gold Parallel
BC48 Edgar Garcia Phillies - Chrome
BC98 Derin McMains Giants - Chrome
BP32 Kevin Ardoin Tigers - 1st Card Prospect
BP17 Brandon Morrow Mariners - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 6:   
159 Mark Kotsay Athletics
183 Jeff Weaver Mariners
121 Jason Schmidt Dodgers
95 Miguel Tejada Orioles
156 Javier Vazquez White Sox
BP37 Brandon Roberts Twins Gold Parallel
Checklist: Base cards 1 - 237/Auto RCs/Signs of the Furture/Prospects BP1-110/Prospect Autographs/Road to 500 
BC108 Cody Strait Reds - Chrome
BC90 Rayner Bautista Orioles - Chrome
BP16 Yahmed Yema Red Sox - 1st Card Prospect
BP85 Greg Smith Diamondbacks - 1st Card Prospect

209 David Murphy RC Red Sox
199 Chris Young Padres
126 Alex Rios Blue Jays
162 Felix Hernandez Mariners
99 Jose Reyes Mets
27 Brian McCann Braves Gold Parallel
Checklist: Card (same as in pack #6)
BC76 Jay Sawatski Twins - Chrome
BC73 Michael Bertram Tigers - Chrome
BP42 Jesse Litsch Blue Jays - 1st Card Prospect
BP103 Aaron Peel Angels - 1st Card Prospect

93 Bill Hall Brewers
217 Jeff Fiorentino RC Orioles
147 Jeff Kent Dodgers
142 Chipper Jones Braves
72 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
141 Jeff Francis Rockies Gold Parallel
BC33 Edwin Maysonet Astros - Chrome
BC49 Seth Fortenberry Yankees - Chrome
BP92 Neil Sellers Astros - 1st Card Prospect
BP37 Brandon Roberts Twins - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 9:   
133 Jermaine Dye White Sox
27 Brian McCann Braves
105 Eric Chavez Athletics
141 Jeff Francis Rockies
220 Josh Fields RC White Sox
BP31 Marvin Lowrance Nationals Gold Parallel
Another Checklist
BC61 Aaron Jensen Mariners - Chrome
BC26 Trey Shields Athletics - Chrome
BP74 Randy Wells Cubs - 1st Card Prospect
BP15 Michael Brantley Brewers - 1st Card Prospect
PACK 10:
140 Dontrelle Willis Marlins
149 Roy Halladay Blue Jays
179 Torii Hunter Twins
169 Chien-Ming Wang Yankees
53 Ervin Santana Angels
BP73 Michael Bertram Tigers Gold Parallel
BC19 Erik Lis Twins - Chrome
BC107 Clay Harris Phillies - Chrome
BP70 Neal Musser Royals - 1st Card Prospect
BP51 Derek Rodriguez White Sox - 1st Card Prospect
PACK 11:    
107 Grady Sizemore Indians
205 Hector Gimenez RC Astros
81 Brandon Webb Diamondbacks
29 Brandon Phillips Reds
218 Michael Bourn RC Phillies
69 David DeJesus Royals Gold Parallel
BC43 Bryan Hansen Phillies - Chrome
BC12 Scott Deal Athletics - Chrome
BP108 Cody Strairt Reds - 1st Card Prospect
BP46 Trey Hearne Cardinals - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 12:
136 Vladimir Guerrero Angels
200 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
38 Carlos Delgado Mets
206 Ubaldo Jimenez RC Rockies
118 Pedro Martinez Mets
220 Josh Fields RC White Sox Gold Parallel
Checklist again
BC87 Gabriel Medina Yankees - Chrome
BC21 Aaron Cunningham White Sox - Chrome
BP48 Edgar Garcia Phillies - 1st Card Prospect
BP64 Myron Leslie Athletics - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 13:
138 John Smoltz Braves
131 Kazuo Matsui Rockies
215 Philip Humber RC Mets
124 Chris Carpenter Cardinals
ARHR139 Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Mariners
38 Carlos Delgado Mets Gold Parallel
BC2 Jason Taylor Royals - Chrome
BC31 Marin Lowrance Nationals - Chrome
BP86 Pedro Powell Pirates - 1st Card Prospect
BP6 Jeremy Papelbon Cubs - 1st Card Prospect 

PACK 14:
11 Jeremy Sowers Indians
166 Orlando Hudson Diamondbacks
84 Kenny Rogers Tigers
28 Michael Barrett Cubs
ARHR130 Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Mariners
143 Frank Thomas Blue Jays Gold Parallel
BC47 Habelito Hernandez Reds - Chrome
BC78 Jose Oyervidez Padres - Chrome
BP76 Jay Sawatski Twins - 1st Card Prospect
BP25 Michael Sullivan Tigers - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 15:
61 Randy Wolf Dodgers
83 Corey Patterson Orioles
109 Mike Mussina Yankees
160 Matt Kemp Dodgers
ARHR156 Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Mariners
210 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC Red Sox Gold Parallel
BC5 Dellin Betances Yankees - Chrome
BC54 Jesus Flores Nationals - Chrome
BP33 Edwin Maysonet Astros - 1st Card Prospect
BP67 Sean Thompson Padres - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 16:
19 Jason Hirsh Rockies
63 Johnny Estrada Brewers
68 Juan Pierre Dodgers
23 Scott Olsen Marlins
ARHR151 Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 Mariners
118 Pedro Martinez Mets Gold Parallel
BC29 Gerrit Simpson Brewers - Chrome
BC71 Tony Abreu Dodgers - Chrome
BP68 Jarrett Hoffpauir Cardinals - 1st Card Prospect
BP101 Jarod Burton Reds - 1st Card Prospect
PACK 17:
26 Erik Bedard Orioles
59 Jim Edmonds Cardinals
56 Dan Haren Athletics
164 Curtis Granderson Tigers
127 Nick Johnson Nationals
BP98 Derin McMains Giants Gold Parallel
BC100 Justin Ruggiano Dodgers - Chrome
BC53 Thomas Hottovy Red Sox - Chrome
BP2 Jayson Taylor Royals - 1st Card Prospect
BP90 Rayner Bautista Orioles - 1st Card Prospect 

PACK 18:
60 Carl Crawford Devil Rays
112 Jeff Francoeur Braves
167 Tim Hudson Braves
18 Ian Kinsler Rangers
13 Chuck James Braves
BP85 Greg Smith Diamondbacks Gold Parallel
BC95 Brian Duensing Twins - Chrome
BC51 Derek Rodriguez White Sox - Chrome
BP9 Darin McDonald Phillies - 1st Card Prospect
BP58 Jay Garthwaite Reds - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 19:
175 Albert Pujols Cardinals
9 Prince Fielder Brewers
182 Jason Bay Pirates
2 Justin Verlander Tigers
17 Chad Billingsley Dodgers
BP101 Jared Burton Reds Gold Parallel
BC52 Ervin Alcantara Astros - Chrome
BC15 Michael Brantley Brewers - Chrome
BP3 Shawn O'Malley Devil Rays - 1st Card Prospect
BP73 Michael Bertram Tigers - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 20:
40 Mike Cameron Padres
116 Mark Teahen Royals
123 Joe Blanton Athletics
5 Stephen Drew Diamondbacks
104 A.J. Burnett Blue Jays
BP51 Derek Rodriguez White Sox -Gold Parallel
BC56 Brian Henderson Devil Rays - Chrome
BC36 Chase Wright Yankees - Chrome
BP29 Gerrit Simpson Brewers - 1st Card Prospect
BP107 Clay Harris Phillies - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 21:
100 David Wright Mets
117 Carlos Silva Twins
114 Aubrey Huff Orioles
191 Ramon Hernandez Orioles
108 Bronson Arroyo Reds
105 Eric Chavez Athletics Gold Prallel
BC30 David Haenel Orioles - Chrome
BC64 Myron Leslie Athletics - Chrome
BP63 Brandon Mann Devil Rays - 1st Card Prospect
BP97 Fernando Rodriguez Angels - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 22:
216 Kevin Hooper RC Tigers
134 Curt Shilling Red Sox
42 Freddy Sanchez Pirates
4 Jered Weaver Angels
58 Kevin Milwood Rangers
16 Kenji Johjima Mariners Gold Parallel
BC79 Doug Deeds Twins - Chrome
BC46 Trey Hearne Cardinals - Chrome
BP104 Evan Englebrook Astros - 1st Card Prospect
BP98 Derin McMains - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 23:
212 Ryan Sweeney RC White Sox
62 Paul Lo Duca Mets
8 Francisco Liriano Twins
41 Adrian Beltre Mariners
207 Adam Lind RC Blue Jays
132 Adam Dunn Reds Gold Parallel
BC14 Scott Taylor Cubs - Chrome
BC69 Matt Goodson Red Sox - Chrome
BP95 Brian Duensing Twins - 1st Card Prospect
BP49 Seth Fortenberry Yankees - 1st Card Prospect

PACK 24:
16 Kenji Johjima Mariners
132 Adam Dunn Reds
69 David DeJesus Royals
39 Gary Matthews Jr. Angels
157 Garret Anderson Angels
39 Gary Matthews Jr. Angels  Gold Parallel
BC39 Steven Sollmann Brewers - Chrome
BC18 Cole Garner Rockies - Chrome
BP52 Ervin Alcantara Astros - 1st Card Prospect
BP21 Aaron Cunningham White Sox - 1st Card Prospect                 

*phew that took a while   

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