Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Group Break Status Update 5 Feb 2013

Blog Group Break Update:
OK so the break is as full as it's going to get and is Now officially "filled". Technically I could have waited some more and tried to fill one maybe two more spots but I'm getting impatient and have enough people to still make the break fun for all (hopefully). With the number of members/slots vs. number of teams left (and me not taking extra random teams) it looks like everyone will get an additional random team. That is 4 teams total (1 Chosen + 3 Random).

It is time to get those payments in via Paypal or into the mail whichever way you are planning. If you haven't done already please send me your mailing address. I have a few addresses and a payment, but not all of either yet.

I will do the randomizing of the bonus teams shortly after this post. I will also start a post that I will use as the "official break page" and link to it on the right-hand sidebar.

The first box will open tomorrow night (Wednesday 06 Feb 2013) around 9:00 PM EST. I will first break it live via Ustream.com (my user ID is captkirk42 there as well, with the exception of some earlier memberships on a site or two my CaptKirk42 ID is pretty much universal for my memberships). If you can watch the video live great if not it will be saved for viewing. After I do the video I will do a pack-by-pack play-by-play post.

Up First:
2007 BOWMAN 
24 packs per box, 10 cards per pack
Key Rookies:
Alexi Casilla
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Hideki Okajima
Andrew Miller
Ryan Braun
Elijah Dukes. 

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