Friday, February 8, 2013

BGBB1: Masterpieces

 Date Busted 08FEB2013
(Break video on USTREAM)
(Radomizing Video) 
18 packs per box, 4 cards per pack 
Key Rookies:
* Daisuke Matsuzaka * Akinori Iwamura * Andrew Miller * Tim Lincecum *

Note: This was an Excellent Box. We got some nice GUs and an Auto. Looks like we got our 4 hit quota. In the video I mispronounced several names and I may have mentioned the wrong team for a few (the Babe Ruth as a Red Sox comes to mind). Some of the inserts/hits I would have loved to have been able to add to my PC but this is a GROUP break sadly.
Box contents: Pack by Pack:

59 Bobby Doerr Red Sox
35 Joe Mauer Twins
16 Roger Clemens Red Sox
81 Chris Chambliss Yankees
Captrured On Canvas: CC-HS  Huston Street Athletics (All Gray) GU

46 Michael Jordan White Sox
31 David Ortiz Red Sox Green Frame
55 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles
68 Akinori Iwamura RC Devil Rays

22 Babe Ruth Red Sox
42 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles/Tony Gwynn Padres (goes to Padres)
78 Tom Glavine Mets
87 Roberto Clemente Pirates Green Frame

Pack 4:
85 - 1969 World Series Champions Mets
61 Jason Bay Pirates
13 Brooks Robinson Orioles
4 Bill Mazeroski Pirates

72 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
65 Alex Gordon RC Royals
82 Tim Lincecum RC Giants
19 Ozzie Smith Cardinals Blue Frame 36/75

48 Randy Johnson Diamondbacks
33 Chase Utley Phillies
30 Derek Jeter Yankees
39 Frank Thomas White Sox

88 Chase Utley Phillies
49 Albert Pujols Cardinals
63 Stephen Drew Diamondbacks
76 Bill Clinton US President Indians

23 Roy Campanella Brooklyn Dodgers
50 Carlos Beltran Mets
36 Travis Hafner Indians
41 Josh Hamilton Reds Green Frame

51 Delmon Young RC Devil Rays
38 Albert Pujols Cardinals
44 Hideki Matsui Yankees
74 Andrew Miller RC Tigers

PACK 10:
9 Roger Maris Yankees
87 Roberto Clemente Pirates
52 Johan Santana Twins
26 Sandy Koufax Brooklyn Dodgers
Captured On Canvas: CC-MG Marcus Giles Padres (All White) GU
PACK 11:
7 Don Larsen (Holding Jumping Yogi Berra) Yankees
75 Richard Nixon US President (randomized to Tony) 
11 Bucky Dent Yankees
37 Miguel Cabrera Marlins

PACK 12:
62 Luis Aparicio White Sox
24 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers
89 Reggie Jackson Athletics
89 Reggie Jackson Athletics Green Frame

PACK 13:
73 Justin Morneau Twins
43 Ichiro Mariners
69 Chen-Ming Wang Yankees
Stroke Of Genius SG-GP Glen Perkins Twins On-Card Auto Blue Sharpie Black Frame

PACK 14:
47 John F. Kennedy US President (randomized to Matt)
60 Bruce Sutter Cubs
56 Hanley Ramirez Marlins
17 Sandy Koufax Dodgers "Perfect Game"

PACK 15:
34 Troy Tulowitzki RC Rockies
28 Kei Igawa RC Yankees
3 Bobby Thomson New York Giants
29 Ken Griffey Jr. Reds  

PACK 16:
66 Howie Kendrick Angels
86 - 2004 World Series Champions Red Sox
70 David Wright Mets
5 Carlton Fisk Red Sox
Captured On Canvas CC-TH Tim Hudson Braves (All White) GU

PACK 17:
57 Victor Martinez Indians
31 David Ortiz Red Sox
42 Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles/Tony Gwynn Padres Blue/Gray Frame 03/50 (randomized to Kirk)  
21 Walter Johnson Senators (Pre-1961 Senators goes to Twins)
PACK 18:
8 Lou Gehrig Yankees
20 Ty Cobb Tigers
18 Reggie Jackson Yankees
76 Bill Clinton US President Indians Green Frame

MP-9 Jered Weaver Angels Black Frame     

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  1. would love to see the Clinton... didn't care for him as a president, but the card sounds interesting...