Sunday, January 5, 2014

Giive-A-Way for Braves Fans

It is past time for me to have another contest/give-a-way. So here is one. It is real simple. Unfortunately it is a Limited Contest open only to a specific type of collector/fan due to the prize. What is the prize? I'll get to that in a little bit but first there are a few requirements to enter the first is a must:
  1. You must be an Atlanta Braves fan.
  2. You should be an Andruw Jones fan (not required, but since you meet the first requirement you can enter).
  3. You should be a follower of this blog. If you are great, if not could you become one please? You don't have to but sometimes loyalty in the blogiverse is big.
  4. Feel free to PIMP this contest to your fellow Braves fans.
Now then how do you Enter? Simple just comment below sometime before Midnight US Eastern Time Monday January 13 (that means Sunday Night/Monday Morning at 12 am or 0:00 EST).

Sometime on Monday I will randomize all the entries to pick the winner.

The prize is a commemorative 1996 World Series Baseball Autographed by then rookie Andrew Jones. Yeah, yeah unfortunately The Braves lost that series to Those Damn Yankees. 

Good Luck.


  1. Awesome contest man!! I've pimped it out here:

    Already following, and don't get me started on those Damn Yankees.

  2. Braves fan here and already following. Thanks for the contest. DamnYankees, DamnIndians, DamnJays, Damnthemall but the Braves. Braves lost a few WS in the 90s, save for the GREATEST ever 1995, hehe. Damnmarlinstoo.

  3. Lifelong Braves fan here! That's an awesome prize.

  4. I'll be a follower.. but not a braves fan, hope it goes to someone who likes them

  5. Not sure if I can enter as a Yanks fan, but I enjoyed Andruw while he was a Yankee, and he's certainly tied to them from the 1996 World Series! Even if I can't enter (which is fine), very cool and generous contest.

    1. Sure you can enter, The prize is also World Series Memorabilia (from a series the Yanks Won), And Andruw was a Yankee eventually (even though it is assumed he signed these balls back in 1996 when he was a Brave), and it's an autographed baseball.

  6. I'm in! Mainly a Padres fan, but I grew up watching plenty of Braves games on TBS, plus have an aunt in Atlanta, and have a Braves hat I wear a lot, so I think I qualify.

  7. This is awesome. Great blog. Best thing about the 90s was watching them beat the Mets. Just gave you that warm feeling.

  8. Oke, as a part-time Braves fan (visited one game last season!) and given that Andrew plays for the Dutch team: I am in !

  9. Hmmm... not sure I'd call myself a Braves fan. But during the 90's, I watched a ton of Braves games on TBS. It's the reason I'm such a huge fan of Maddux and Chipper. However... I'm definitely an autographed ball collector.

  10. Awesome contest. Love the Braves and so does my son. We always watch as much of the season as we can. Awesome prize.

  11. Cool contest - though I will never be a Braves fan so no harm I missed out on it!