Saturday, January 4, 2014

In A Bind(er)

This is mainly just a random thought thing. For those who are binder collectors.

  • Which binder usually has priority? Fave Team Binder? Super Player Binder? Set Binder? Other Binder?
  • When do you consider purposefully having duplicates or more of a single card for binders?
  • How full do you stuff your binders?
  • Are you a double occupancy collector (two cards per pocket to show off the fronts only), or a one card per pocket?
I am a large mixed type of collector. I'm a set collector, and I am a team collector for my DC and B'More Teams. Yet I am also a player collector of fave players past and present plus Hall of Famers. Sure it would be easy to get three 1997 Topps Cal Ripkens, but three of his Rookie card? Not so easy. Forget about getting three of some of the 1960s and 1950s cards. Some of those it is difficult to find just one copy of the card in ANY condition (at least not until I'm a millionaire who can afford spending thousands on just one small 2.5" x 3.5" cardboard rectangle with paint and ink on it).

In my case the order would generally be Set, Team, Player, but for some players and HOFers it would be Player, Team.

If I ever get my collection organized the way I currently envision it, some day I will make fillers for Team and Player cards and put them in the set binders. Or maybe just not go through all that trouble.

Another thought if you already have things organized by Set, then your team and player binders would be mostly empty. Except for maybe the autograph and insert cards that are not real clear about what actual set they belong to.

You could make "fillers" for the spots of the cards that are in other binders. Either by making a card sized note that says something like "See Binder X" (or X binder), or maybe go the extra measure and make a black and white (maybe even color) photocopy of the card front with your note of where the real card is in your collection of binders. I've been thinking of doing that when I have a better handle on the organization of my collection.
Sorry for the quick and dirty out-of-focus webcam shot-pics (actually this last pic of the pages filled back-to-back came out pretty good). I needed pictures that just don't get done by a flatbed scanner and I wanted them fast.


  1. I have a couple PCs that take priority. Then set, then other PCs. Except for cases of completed sets, then that takes priority. Basically I make the rules up as I go.

  2. 1. I have binders for every team and try to keep them equal, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my Cubs binder a tad more than the others.

    2. I don't allow duplicates in my binders.

    3. I try not to overstuff, though I've been known to push the limit a few times.

    4. I've always been a "double occupancy" guy. It saves me a ton of money, plus I like how my cards look when stored front and back.

  3. 1. If I had to choose, and it would be tough, my set binders would win out over my team binders, only because of tradition. But I pretty much love both equally. I don't have any player binders. It still seems vaguely stalkerish.

    2. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I have a very limited amount of dupes in my Dodger binders (probably less than 30). I'll probably do a post on it sometime soon.

    3. I recently wrote a post about the perils of overstuffing.

    4. I double-bag for virtually everything. I get yelled at for this. They don't know how many cards/little room/little money I have.

  4. 1. I have my Virdon PC in a binder and complete Red Sox team sets in binders. I also have some almost complete team sets in binders.
    2. No Dups
    3. I start them out with some extra room but eventually I end up haiving to change binders or rearrange stuff because they get too full
    4. I started out as a single guy but pages got too expensive when I got up to around ten binders. Now I double occupy everything after 1979. Vintage still gets the single card treatment.

  5. Most of my rules fall under the heading of "It depends".

    My Mets binders have top priorities. I also have Orioles binders, but the Oriole binder only gets priority going back to the mid-1990's, which is when I started following the Orioles. Any Orioles from before the mid-90's goes in the set binder.

    Next up is the set binder, but only for sets that I have finished/am working on/have ever thought about completing.

    Then there are the player binders for non-Mets and non-Orioles I collect... but only those cards which come from sets that don't fall into the categories above.

    Since I am in a state of purging and reorganizing, much of the above is subject to change... except for the Mets binders. That ain't changing.

    I try to get my binders such that they're if they're laying flat, the top cover is close to horizontal. I know I should store my binders that way, but many of them are stored vertically the way binders are supposed to be stored (but cards are not supposed to be stored).

    I never intentionally get doubles. My set binders have no Mets, that's the way it goes.

    Double-occupancy 99% of the time; certain cards/sets with interesting backs get single occupancy.

  6. Wow that is the fastest I've ever gotten any replies, and more than my average one or two replies if any within a week. 5 replies within 2.5 hours of posting. A blog record.

    Thanks the replies guys. Every little bit if input helps. I love the blogiverse/blogsphere!

  7. If I am working on a set, the set takes precedence. If not, then a player collection would be next. Anything else would come after those. I will only put one card per pocket in a page. I am thinking about abandoning binders in favor of card boxes, though, as my 2013 sets alone take up a lot of real estate. Maybe I will use binders for current-year stuff and then transition the cards to boxes once the next year's cards start coming out.

  8. 1. Set Binders > Vintage Binder > Player Binders > Team Binders > Japanese Athlete Binder > 90's Insert Binders > Damaged Card Binder

    2. I don't really have doubles in one binder (except maybe my vintage binder), but I might have the same card in two different binders. Ex. A Gwynn insert might be in my Gwynn binder and in my 90's insert baseball binder.

    3. Most of my binders are full. The pages might not contain 9 cards each, but the binder itself is full of pages. It leaves me room to expand. Once it becomes too full, I create another binder.

    4. I'm a single card per pocket kind of guy. I like to see the backs of the cards.

    1. 2. That is what I meant by having doubles of cards, 1 for each different binder. Years ago I used to have a doubles binder for my football cards, it went away to make room for something else in that binder. I am in the process of redoing all my binders while I try to tackle the overall organization of my collection.

  9. 1. Set binder > Leaf/Jay binder > star binder > loose piles of stuff ready to be knocked over > large-count box
    2. If a player merits being in the star binder and I have multiples, they'll all go there.
    3. I try to use d-rings as much as possible. If the top pages are in danger of damage, split the binder.
    4. One card per pocket because I like to read the backs. Sets that are worth less than the binder are probably doubled up.

    Most of my dupes are from wax-breaking days back in the 1980s. The rest are vintage that I got as a kid and later upgraded.

  10. I'm a set binder first, then Larkin binder, then whatever else is leftover!

  11. Set comes first, then team and player...