Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Death of a Card Website


Back a little over a year ago. I was told about a card website that sound interesting from another member on TCC ( the new site new to me anyway was "Ultimate Wax" I signed up it looks like on 10 Feb 2009. At the time I was looking for another card site to see if I could broaden my horizons and find alternative card forums to get more trading done. It doesn't hurt to belong to more than one site forum and outside of the dead Ulitmate Wax I belong to 4 I think. I had noticed many of the card bloggers I followed had several sites they frequented. I am mostly loyal to TCC but in the last year I have signed up for other sites and have a few small trades elsewhere, but TCC is my "home". Anyway with Ultimate Wax I started becoming a semi-regular, and after a few months got to 100 posts on the site.

The biggest problem from the beginning was the lack of presence from the owners/operators. They would pop in every now and then but not very frequently. Some of the members there were honestly pretty obnoxious and one or two were crude.

There was a brief moderator sighting around mid December I think it was. Then as I said the regulars didn't post as often. I still went there every day looking for updates and would try to get some of the threads rolling again, but hardly anyone would come. I cut down on my visiting to about once a week, and often there were still little or no updates. I would even mention in my posts there that the place looked kind of dead and there were no updates to any threads for a week. Lets see the last time I attempted to post there was on 24 Dec 2009, so correction the moderator sighting was probably in November. Well in January I still would visit about once a week, sometimes I visit once a day just to see if there are any updates.

So my last update on 24 Dec 2009 was THE LAST Update by anyone. So the site is basically dead, but not officially. I think the guy marked as being the last new member signed up around 15-20 Dec 2009.

One of the things that cracks me up about the site is the note that tells you when you were last active reads "Last active: 12-31-1969 at 07:00 PM". Hmmm 1969 really? When I was like 4 about 20some years before the internet would be mainstream for the average Joe.

Oh well. It was a fun little site for a while. Not great, but I did manage to make one or two trades there and maybe bought something from someone there. The moderators didn't respond very well to any attempts people made to contact them. Either they grew tired of the site, or they moved on to some other site to work on.

If the site ever gets anymore updates or shows signs of activity I guess I'll have to revisit and mention it again here.

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  1. just checked again... it's still dead... and the domain is available...