Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letterman Why?

In my mailday for today Friday 05 March, 2010. I got the Australian Gladiators cards for my PC I mentioned in a previous post from Ebay.

Then from a trader at SCF ( I bought some cards of my fave teams he wanted to get rid of. I didn't really want most of them but I thought what the heck he wanted them gone and he was only asking $13 for 6 cards. I can think of some people who might appreciate them. He was nice and added 3 more cards.

The lot included that 2007 SP Authentic "By The Letter Rookie Signatures" Matt Chico (Nationals) "O" card. His signature is on the left side of the "O". I am still not sure why I got these I hate these letterman things and this is the first and hopefully the very last one I will ever ever get. I does look nice, but I don't like these things, and I got the dang thing on purpose. Curses.

The other cards in the lot include: This Koji Uehara 2009 Topps Chrome card below (again I don't like chrome):

2009 Topps Bowman BDPP54 Tyler Townsend Orioles (base card not chrome)
2009 UD Icons 82 Nick Markakis Orioles (red retail parallel variation the seller thought it was a "red refractor")

FOOTBALL: (All Redskins - The Malcolm Kelly's were the reason I bought them in the first place. I'm not sure if they will stay PC)

2008 SP Rookie Edition 141 Malcolm Kelly
2008 SP Rookie Edition Premier Prospects 289 Malcolm Kelly
2009 Topps Platinum 22 Clinton Portis
2009 Topps Platinum 60 Santana Moss
2009 Topps Platinum 81 Chris Cooley

All these baseball and football cards are For Trade.

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