Saturday, October 30, 2010

1971 Topps Inserts: Pin-Ups

1971 TOPPS Insert Game Mini Poster Pin-Ups

In 1971 Topps produced a Football Card Game similar to their Baseball Card Game from 1968. In addition to the cards (set of 52 cards) they produced a set of 32 Mini Poster Pin-Ups that had the game board on the back for the card game. The Pin-Ups were folded up in the packages with the cards, they are the size of 4 cards put together.


 A special "field Postion" marker card was an extra card for the set. Apparently you were supposed to cut it in half using one half to mark the ball on the field and the other half for the first down marker.

I'm pretty sure I had a few of the pinups back in the day, and a few of the cards, but I don't know where my original ones went. The ones I have now have come mostly from Ebay purchases, some of the cards have come from trades.

 Pin-UP # 1 Gene Washington - 49ers

#8 Roman Gabriel - Rams

#10 Bart Starr - Packers

 #17 Sonny Jurgensen - Redskins

 #32 Larry Brown - Redskins


  1. I have a few of these mini posters. I would trade them off if you are interesed.

  2. Adam,
    Yes I maybe interested. Depending on condition, I don't mind a little bit of tearing on the folds but I try to avoid that if possible.

  3. I never saw a reply on the return e-mail I sent you. I have OJ, Sayers, and Unitas. ALl are in good shape with no tears.

  4. Hello Capt Kirk42..I happen to come across this website and I have 42 of the '71 game cards, along with, I believe 28 of the posters. The cards are in good to excellent condition and the posters are in better than good condition. Please let me know if this may be of interest to you. Thanks.

    1. I also have 20 different 1964 Topps Giants cards that are in good condition.

    2. ingo,

      Yes I am interested please email me at my yahoo address w/details.

  5. only drawback to these (other than being football...), the creases would drive my OCD absolutely crazy!!