Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stancraft Playing Cards NFL Teams (Circa 1967)


One of my pet projects is to get the full set of these sweet 1960s/70s cards. At the time the NFL just had 16 teams. The AFL was a different entity so those teams are not part of this set.

 A little back history on them. In 1965 Photographer and Artist David Boss made a series of paintings that would become the first set of NFL team posters. These paintings were then put on the game programs the following season, and either then or in the next year (1967) put on playing cards.

The blog The Fleer Sticker Project has most if not all of the pictures of these paintings. He has a link to a Dallas Cowboys collector who pointed him out to these card decks. I've known about these decks since around the time they came out as my brother had (and probably still does have) a deck of the Washington Redskins. We played with that deck about as much as we did with all the other playing card decks we had in our house which meant we wore them out.

In recent years I have gotten the Los Angeles Rams deck. Still sealed but without a box. I am on the hunt for a deck with the box.

More recently I got the Green Bay Packers deck from Ebay complete with box.

 There are two types of Jokers that were produced. Now according to Mr. Cowboy they are different because one is the Poker Sized Version and the other Bridge sized He calls "Nu-Vue Style" (I think "Nu-Vue" actually referrers to the plastic coating or possibly the manufacturer). However his explanation doesn't quite work because His "Poker" style image clearly says "Bridge" on the Ace of Spades card he shows. The joker from that style is what my Rams deck is, I don't know about the Ace of Spades because my deck is sealed and only the Joker is showing in the back. My Packers deck which I got open with the box and both jokers has the style of Ace of Spade and Joker he calls "Nu-Vue Style". Now both of my decks are the same size card. The box for the Packers deck says "Bridge Size" on the bottom side. So both of my decks are Bridge sized. Until I get a Poker sized deck I won't be sure they had that size. If they do then my quest is doubled.

 I think it is more likely that this Joker:

Is the original version and decks that come in boxes should have that style joker and the similar Ace of Spades. The other Aces are regular styled playing cards.

While this Joker:

Is either a later version, or the version for decks sold just in the plastic shrink wrap. These decks would have been displayed in a special display box or bin about 50 or so decks in the display depending on the size of the display box.

It is interesting to note that for the box, at least in the case of my Packers Deck, the card design on the box is an actual card glued to the box (The 9 of Diamonds for my box). I'm trying to remember if my brother's deck was the same way. I think his had been bought with the box, and it might have been the same kind of deal (pardon the pun).

So I am on the hunt for the other 14 teams boxed (and a Rams deck in box). My requirements are they must be a full deck complete with both jokers and the box. I prefer the cool Joker version like I have with the Packers deck. I might consider some decks without a box (which will probably have the boring joker) but they must be complete and with both jokers. To fill in the gaps I might get some of those "single" cards that pop up every once in a while on Ebay just to have one of each kind of back. That will not complete the quest for 16 full decks though.

Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Colts
Chicago Bears
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers (Box)
Los Angeles Rams (Sealed "loose" pack)
Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Cardinals
Washington Redskins

Teams in RED I need. Have teams in BOLD w/Box or Sealed "loose" Pack.

Deck Collection 2/16 Complete.


  1. Great post on these Stancraft cards. Thanks for mentioning my post about them. Good luck with your search for complete decks with the boxes. At this point, I'm just trying to get one card of each team.

  2. Fleerfan,
    Thanks I try to give credit where credit is due. Your blog has helped me figure out many other card sets and facts as well. It tempts me to go after some of the sticker sets I just have a few odds and ends of. I'd go mad if I didn't bookmark it. Keep up the good work and investigating.

  3. odd artwork for the rams... if you were not a fan, nor had the team name on them, you wouldn't know it from the picture

  4. I have a Dallas cowboy deck that has never been opened respond to