Saturday, December 25, 2010

Random Cardness 001

Just wanted to do an experiment. I'm going to randomly pick 5 cards that I've scanned at one point and post them here. Lets see I'll do a Football, Baseball, Basketball, Non-Sport and Hockey I guess.

OK Here goes:

 1973 Topps Mercury Morris Dolphins

Dang it I recently blogged about getting this one. The card itself is not bad. It is a card that is in demand pretty much since Mercury was on the "Perfect Season" Dolphins in '72. I got this card from Ebay for pretty cheap if I recall correctly.


2003 Bowman's Best Josh Willingham Marlins Auto

ACK! Again with a fairly recently blogged card. This Josh Willingham card I bought from a fellow card collector from TCC for $10 bucks I think.

That makes one wonder if the "randomness" is truly random. Well let me tell you it was. In the "compose" mode here at I clicked on the add an image icon and opened up each of my picture folders one at a time and scrolled down a bit and than clicked one at random. I wasn't happy with some of the choices but with being random you gotta go with what you get.

I was wanting to try to highlight some cards I haven't shown before that is one of the reasons I decided to add Basketball into the mix and speaking of which that is next:


 2008-09 Upper Deck Antawn Jamison Wizards

As I said I wanted to highlight some cards I haven't yet, and probably wouldn't thus adding Basketball into the mix. I don't really pursue basketball, and haven't liked it since the early 1980s. It may have been because of the general attitudes of some of the basketball jocks I knew in High School and College. The only Basketball cards I actively pursue are From the Bullets/Wizards Franchise, even then it is very infrequently.

1993 Cardz Tales From the Crypt
64 October 1950 Comic no.20 Cover

In the early 1990s (starting in '89 really) HBO had a television Horror series "Tales From the Crypt" based on the old 1950 pulp comics. In 1993 the card company CARDZ which specialized in Non-Sport Cards, released this 110 base card set. The special "chase" cards from the set were a subset of Hologram cards. That was before the big costume piece (same idea as jersey cards for the sports) and auto cards.

1993 Classic Prospects
3 Manon Rheaume "The First Lady of Hockey"

Back in the early 1980s the Classic Game company produced a ton of cards. I recall first seeing them at the toy store I worked at, I thought of them more as part of a game than serious trading cards. Most of the cards I recalled from back then were "4 Sport" cards a series of cards that had players from the 4 major US sports Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Around this time a young lady named Manon Rheaume was making strides in the boys club of professional hockey. She signed as a free agent for the Tampa Bay Lightning as goalie, and played in a couple of preseason games in 1992 and '93 making her the first woman to play in the NHL. Just about all of the Manon Rheaume cards I have I've gotten from Ebay. Most of them I have gotten in lots of several cards. This is one of those cards.

OK so that does it for this Random Cardness experiment.

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