Friday, December 3, 2010

Some '60s & '70s Vintage Football

Here are some recent catches from the Bay:

1961 Topps 130 John Paluck Redskins

He reminds me of someone.....
Actor David Leisure as Joe Isuzu Compulsive Lying spokesperson.
 1969 Topps 125 Roman Gabriel Rams

1972 Topps 3 - 1971 AFC Passing Leaders
Bob Griese Dolphins/Len Dawson Chiefs/Virgil Carter Bengals
1972 Topps  120 Terry Bradshaw Steelers Pro Action

 1972 Topps 128 Roman Gabriel Rams Pro Action

 1973 Topps 48 Mercury Morris Dolphins

1973 Topps 214 Nick Buoniconti Dolphins

Of course one of the questions that Dolphins collectors have to consider is Do you collect the 1972 Topps Dolphins cards or the 1973 Topps Dolphins cards to have the "Perfect Season Team Set"? As a Redskins fan I'll just leave that question up to the Phins phans and keep out of it.

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  1. I still love those Joe Isuzu commercials!! Classic tv right there!!