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Blog Basketball Group Break: Freebie Packs

2012-13 NBA Hoops Basketball: 7 Freebie Packs

Here is the detailed listing of the pulls from the 7 Freebie Packs of 2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball for my Group Break from D&A Card World, pack-by-pack as pulled. I did this as a preview for the break, before sign-ups in the hopes that some nice pull would entice people to join the break. Unfortunately since these are retail packs they didn't have any special hits. I think it is possible to pull autos from these packs but difficult since they are retail. Hopefully the boxes in the break will have some inserts at least.


There are some cool vets, and possibly some of the Rookies from these packs are now cool vets, but basically "It's all about the Base 'bout the base no autos".

Pack One:
288 Moe Harkless RC 76ers
173 Trevor Booker Wizards
280 Damian Lillard RC Trailblazers
14 Avery Johnson Coach Nets
75 Derrick Rose Bulls

Pack Two:
284 Austin Rivers RC NO Hornets (Pelicans)
107 Scott Skiles Coach Bucks
176 Kevin Seraphin Wizards
157 Dwyane Wade Heat
14 Avery Johnson Coach Nets

Pack Three:
284 Austin Rivers RC NO Hornets (Pelicans)
107 Scott Skiles Coach Bucks
260 Elliot Williams Trailblazers
152 Tracy McGrady Hawks
246 JaJuan Johnson Celtics

Pack Four:
256 Jeremy Pargo Grizzlies
292 Bernard James RC Mavericks
33 Calderon Raptors
160 Joel Anthony Heat
208 Steve Nash Lakers

Pack Five:
248 Cory Joseph Spurs
212 DeMarcus Cousins Kings
180 Stephen Curry Warriors
291 Perry Jones III RC Thunder
8 Deron Williams Nets

Pack Six:
236 Kawhi Leonard Spurs
211 Marcus Thornton Kings
270 Justin Harper Magic
260 Elliot Williams Trailblazers
116 Kevin Love Timberwolves

Pack Seven:
66 Monty Williams Coach NO Hornets (Pelicans)
105 Mike Dunleavy Bucks
164 Dwight Howard Magic
188 Chauncey Billups Clippers
161 Udonis Haslem Heat

7 Packs (5 cards/pack) = 35 Cards Total - 4 Duplicates
Rookies - 6 Cards - 1 Duplicate
Coaches - 5 Cards - 2 Duplicates
21 Teams

Link to video on YouTube.There are still some good teams available Sign-up before they are gone.

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