Monday, April 27, 2015

Blog Basketball Group Break: Sign-Up Deadline Coming

Well this THURSDAY 30 April is the day to complete sign-ups for my blog group box break. I will then start busting the boxes starting sometime after 01 May. I'm not sure of the schedule yet it will obviously be at my convenience. As I've mentioned previously I will record the openings on video but they won't be live since at this time I don't have a simple way to record a  live video. I can do a prerecorded video no problem and then post to Youtube but my previous source YouStream doesn't do the live and record at the same time at least not for the free membership I have/had. So in many ways it will be more like other blog breaks where you see the results after the fact not like forum group breaks where you can catch it live at a specific time. Yeah I know that has turned off some people from even joining.

Remember to get in on the action you need to sign-up here and pay ASAP. I'm doing this break for fun not for income. If I was doing this for income the price would be a lot higher, and I would have been posting a ton more of those Annoying Break Reminder Posts and I wouldn't have the boxes to break open yet. 

All Hits from the break will be distributed to Break Members even the ones from unclaimed teams. The unclaimed teams base will go into my trade bait.

Do I need to turn up the Heat some?


  1. I mentioned it once on my blog, I'll try to mention it again if I remember. I was going to sign up, but it looks like I won't have extra cash. Good luck, and hope you get some good cards.

    1. Thanks for the mention. Every little bit helps. Sorry you can't join the fun