Friday, October 16, 2009

Card Blogging What A Concept.

Where to begin? I already have a regular blog where I write about whatever, and over at Trading Card Central I have a trading card themed TCC Blog. So now you are reading my official independent trading card blog. I will try to keep both updated regularly with this one being more for the detailed stuff. For more stuff about me you can also visit my personal website that is (or soon will be) in the links section over there on the right hand side bar.

I have a list of trading card blogs that I read semi-regularly. Obviously because of my blog at TCC I participate in the forums over there and I just started tracking my vastly hugely mind-boggling big Collection at (a sports card collection tracking website.)
This Blog will concentrate on the world of Trading Cards from yet another unique collector's perspective. I hope you enjoy it.

Post Edited 28 Feb 2019: Had to remove link to my dead personal website. Hasn't been active for about 6 years. I left the reference to it for posterity only.

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  1. Love the photo, still trying to figure out whether that's an age thing, or an answer thing??