Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's begin at the begining or at least 1965.


What a year 1965 was. I happen to like it because it was the year I was born. It is also a pretty good year for cards especially baseball. I won't forget about football, but at that point American Football had the NFL and the AFL (American Football League - which later became the NFL's American Football Conference). The cards of the NFL were made by the now defunct Philadelphia Cards which was revived sort of with a new retro football set this year in 2009. The AFL cards were by Topps the most significant card of which is the Joe Namath Rookie Card (RC).

For me its the baseball cards from Topps of that year. The card at the top of Jim Hannan is a typical common card he happens to be of a player from the Washington Senators my fave baseball team as a kid. I would be sorely disappointed in the off season 0f 1971 when they were moved to Texas to become the Rangers. As a result my interest in baseball declined, but oddly enough not my interest in collecting baseball cards, as I also collected football and Non-Sports. I would not get really interested in baseball again until 2003 or '04 (probably 2004 due to the Red Sox World Series Win) just before the announcement that the Montreal Expos, who were owned at the time by the MLB, would move to Washington. They would then become the Washington Nationals.

My two fave cards follow; the first from a player that would be remembered for being a great Washington Senators player, even though he began his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


The second, and I think my absolute fave card, I think it may have been my "first card" (Since I have two older brothers who at one time collected baseball cards as kids I got many hand-me-downs before I really became involved in serious collecting so I can't remember having a "first card"), from this series is from Mr. Cubbie Himself:



  1. Sweet '65; great Charlie's Angels card in the header. Do you still collect nonsports? Good luck with your blog!

  2. Yes I still collect some Non-Sport, but I am very very picky about it.

  3. This is very cool and interesting. These cards makes especially for baseball. The game is not playing much in Asian countries.
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  4. '65 was three years before my beginning!! That Banks card is cool, love the composition.