Saturday, June 11, 2011

1967 Stancraft Team Playing Cards

Quick update. On Friday 10 June 2011 I got two more of the 1967 Stancraft Playing Cards NFL Team Decks. I got the Atlanta Falcons and St. Louis Cardinals. Both in box and both in super excellent near mint shape. When I opened the box on both (both were open not sealed, if they were sealed I'd probably would keep them sealed) they were so pristine when checking to see that both Jokers were there and all 52 of the regular cards were there they felt like "never played with/ dealt" stiff feel to them. Got both for only $9.99/deck So $20 total plus a few bucks for combined shipping.

Here is my page for my progress on this collection Stancraft Playing Cards1967 NFL Team Decks My collection right now is 5/16 complete (4/16 in box, 1/16 loose pack)

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