Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball 5 card pack

  A while Back  (WOW back on 20 May) I had gotten some packs of cards from Target that I mentioned in this post Target Fairfield Value Pack Box This package consisted of 4 packs of baseball cards, 100 random baseball cards and a bonus of an additional pack of cards. I already mentioned the cards I got, but I decided I would show some of them. The few from the packs anyway, the 100 card deck I might only show a few choice ones. I haven't decided on that yet. I like getting these boxes/packages from time to time but I had forgotten that they "super" glue (it's not really the super-glue brand but the glue is really tough) the packs on the box supporting cardboard, making it nearly impossible to pull the packs off totally intact for those collectors who like to keep the pack wrappers.

2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball
(5 card pack)
2007 Fleer Ultra pack break contents
I like Fleer Ultra most of the time and this one I kind of like. This series I sort of like the no borders full picture, but the tiny silver font for the player name/team/position sucks. The fancy script for the players last name also rubs me a bit wrong. Some names it is OK to read, others it is a little hard (maybe those are not in English).

The backs are pretty standard and are similar to the 2007 Upper Deck cards  with the standard stats and a head shot of the player. These headshots are in full color though. The "Ultra Rookies" cards don't have a headshot.

2007 Fleer Ultra - Sample Back of card
2007 Fleer Ultra - Back of Ultra Rookies card

38 Mark Buehrle - White Sox
"Tip the pitcher over."

83 Mark Grudzielanek - Royals
"Go ball go go "

131 Huston Street - A's
Why am I reminded of Monty Python's Twit Olympics?

150 Chris Carpenter - Cardinals
"Ah there it is"

234 Levale Speigner -  Nats RC
Flashback to 1980s Music Videos

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  1. yeah, 1980's MTV... back when they actually played music videos on there!!