Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series Two pack

A while Back  (WOW back on 20 May) I had gotten some packs of cards from Target that I mentioned in this post Target Fairfield Value Pack Box This package consisted of 4 packs of baseball cards, 100 random baseball cards and a bonus of an additional pack of cards. I already mentioned the cards I got, but I decided I would show some of them. The few from the packs anyway, the 100 card deck I might only show a few choice ones. I haven't decided on that yet. I like getting these boxes/packages from time to time but I had forgotten that they "super" glue (it's not really the super-glue brand but the glue is really tough) the packs on the box supporting cardboard, making it nearly impossible to pull the packs off totally intact for those collectors who like to keep the pack wrappers.

2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series Two (8 count pack)

I am mixed about this series like I am about many of Upper Deck's standard issues. Part of it is the shiny silver almost invisible print/font they use for the players name on the front. Also the design with the thin piping on the sides with the barely legible writing of the team and the player's position I'm no fan of. The backs are fairly standard and I think are OK with the stats and the mono-colored head shot of the player. I'm still not sure if I'll try to chase the base set or not (I first noticed this design with the football cards of the same year, not impressed the first time I saw it). I will probably only pursue the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles that I need from this set.

2007 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball - Sample Back
Here are the Eight cards I pulled from this pack (in number order not pulled order I forget what that was) with some silly little captions I made up for the images:

528 Stephen Drew D'Backs
"Ouch Charlie Horse, Charlie Horse"

586 J.D. Drew Red Sox
(a second player with surname Drew)
Looks like he's holding some sort of batting seminar.

779 Olmedo Saenz Dodgers
"See the ball, see the ball, no wait watch the ball watch it go."

822 Tom Glavine Mets
"Gotta run home, gotta run home. UhOH I'm tipping over."

845 Alex Rodriguez Yankees
"Huh? What's under there?"

895 Brad Eldred Pirates
"Welcome home Brad, On behalf of your teammates..."

904 Jake Peavy Padres

948 Kelvin Jimenez Cards
"Now follow through..."

 Plus this Expired contest/game code

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  1. My wife thinks it's bad enough that I collect the cards that come in the wrappers! She'd absolutely shoot me if I tried to collect the wrappers too!!