Thursday, June 23, 2011

2007 Goudey Baseball 8 pack

A while Back  (WOW back on 20 May) I had gotten some packs of cards from Target that I mentioned in this post Target Fairfield Value Pack Box This package consisted of 4 packs of baseball cards, 100 random baseball cards and a bonus of an additional pack of cards. I already mentioned the cards I got, but I decided I would show some of them. The few from the packs anyway, the 100 card deck I might only show a few choice ones. I haven't decided on that yet. I like getting these boxes/packages from time to time but I had forgotten that they "super" glue (it's not really the super-glue brand but the glue is really tough) the packs on the box supporting cardboard, making it nearly impossible to pull the packs off totally intact for those collectors who like to keep the pack wrappers.

2007 UD Goudey Baseball
(8 card pack)

2007 Goudey Baseball pack break contents

2007 Goudey: I really like these retro vintage cards. Mostly since I'm a huge fan of vintage stuff. I have always liked the Goudey cards, but I don't think I have any original Goudey vintage, partly because when I was a kid they were too expensive at the time. As an adult they are not too expensive for me, well some of the common ones maybe. When these retro cards first hit the market I saw them but didn't get any because the hobby boxes were too expensive and at the time (and I think even the packs seemed a bit expensive at the time) I didn't want to get into the pack busting of these since I knew I'd have to get a bunch everytime I wanted to bust packs. These cards follow the original design and format idea the cards are smaller than the standard modern size of 2.5" by 3.5".

The card backs have either red or green printing. I think they printed an equal amount of each back, not 100% sure on that though sometimes card manufacturers like to make a short print of one of the styles just to tick off collectors who want to go for a complete set.

2007 Goudey - Sample Green Back
2007 Goudey - Sample Red Back

2007 Goudey - Sample Heads Up Green Back

61 Jimmy Rollins Phillies redback

75 Mark Mulder Cards redback

77 Mark Teixeira Rangers greenback

84 Prince Fielder Brewers greenback

121 Brad Penny Dodgers redback

152 Adam LaRoche Pirates greenback

176 Magglio Ordeonez Tigers greenback

255 Mike Schmidt Phillies HeadsUp greenback


  1. I'm not a big fan of "posed" images on cards. An action shot on a card was always great when I was a kid. So, a whole set of a player just standing there looking dumb bugs me. With that said, I love the colors of the Goudey sets. I knocked off the '08 set. It's one of the few binders that I find myself visiting regularly.

  2. and my wish comes true!! That's a neat Schmidt card for sure!!