Thursday, April 5, 2012

The 1969 Basketball Rule(r)

Friday 02 March 2012 I got one of those rare items that really is pretty rare from Ebay A 1969 Topps Basketball Ruler - 22 Wes Unseld Baltimore Bullets. I got it for a small steal of $9.99 + $3 shipping. I've seen a few of this one and some of the others in the set starting at much much more. These "rulers" are "cards" well really they are just strips of paper like the mini posters only these are 2.5" x 10". So they are one card wide and about an inch short of being 3 cards high. They were folded (3 folds) inserts packed into the regular card packs. They call them "rulers" because on the left-hand side of the front is ruled scale with a caricature drawing of the player portrayed. There are 23 in this set even though they are numbed to 24 (#5 was never issued, not even sure what/who it would have been).

 1969 Topps Basketball Ruler
22 Wes Unseld Baltimore Bullets
(Front and Back)

As you can see the back is blank. Just plain paper. The top fold there in the scan looks like it is in two pieces but it isn't.

It looks like there are two or three more of these things I want to get because of being a player who had played for the Bullets, plus there is the Lou Alcindor (AKA: Kareem Abdul Jabbar) heck maybe I'll chase the whole set since it is only 23, but the stars in the set go for mega bucks, so I might not ever have another one.

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  1. I think 6'-8" would probably be considered short in today's basketball...