Sunday, April 8, 2012

Maildays 01 - 07 April

01 - 07 April 2012
(Weekly Round UP)

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep up with this sort of thing or if I'll be able to manage it as I am planning on managing it. Anyway I already somewhat track my card "maildays" over at my TCC Blog. When I had time and wanted to be fancy I would add pictures there but I haven't done that for a long time. On this blog I think I will do the same sort of simultaneous tracking. Only on here it will be a weekly post and I'll try to add more pictures. I don't add pictures much on the forum blog anymore. Depending on the size of the maildays I might have to have the occasional one day additional posting or maybe one day postings only. Well the future tells that tale.

Monday 02 April
Got a couple of Ebay things and some Sportlots stuff. First the Sportlots stuff out of the way - 1 hockey the rest is baseball as listed:

1972-73 Topps Hockey 120 Gilbert Perrault Sabres

1954 Topps Baseball
6 Pete Runnels Senators
19 Johnny Lipon Orioles
(Red Sox Cap, White Sox on back)
97 Jerry Lane Senators

1955 Bowman Baseball
49 Jim Greengrass Redlegs
51 Elvin Tappe Cubs

1960 Topps Baseball 99 Lenny Green Senators
1964 Topps Baseball 397 Chuck Cottier Senators
1965 Topps Baseball 393 Ed Kirkpatrick Angels (dupe)
1966 Topps Baseball 60 Curt Flood Cards
1971 Topps Baseball 729 Dick Billings Senators
1977 Topps Baseball 390 Dave Winfeild Padres

Then a couple of Ebay packages:

2009 Monsters vs. Aliens 8 card ComicCon promo set base on the movie sealed (will unseal to see cards but scan while sealed to show how it came) got it for $4.99 + $3 shipping. I will blog about this set soon.

Next an item that started with an opening bid of $1.00. I think I got shilled $1 dollar under my max. there was one other bidder who bid in sort increments during the last minute. I could have been a snipe attempt it is hard to tell the difference now-days on "The Bay". There were a total of 4 bids. That is one of the things I hate about bidding a day or two early, but sometimes it's necessary for me to get a chance to win (I can't always monitor when auctions end). I ended up paying $12.69 + 86¢ shipping. I saw one set of this selling for an outrageous price of $66.99 for this very same 9 card set:

Image 2000 Texas Bikini Team Intro set: 1995 Edition 9 card set, backs make up a puzzle. Yeah definitely need a post about this set in all it's glory.

Tuesday 03 April
Got a 22 card "pack" of Redskins cards I bought from a fellow TCC member who is leaving the hobby. A few of them were high-end autos I paid from about $8 to $20 per card, but I only "bought" 7 of the cards the rest (the UD and Fleer "base") were tossed in. I will make a separate post for this package.

1995 Fleer Metal
192 Tom Carter
193 Henry Ellard
194 Darrell Green
195 Brian Mitchell
196 Heath Shuler

1995 Upper Deck SP
105 Henry Ellard
106 Ken Harvey
107 Gus Frerotte
108 Brian Mitchell
109 Terry Allen
110 Heath Shuler

1996 Fleer Metal 121 Brian Mitchell

1996 Fleer Metal Goldfingers 12of12 Michael Westbrook

2005 Donruss Leaf Certified Materials 119 John Riggins (pretty sure I had this already)

2005 Upper Deck NFL Rookie Debut 98 Clinton Portis

2006 Upper Deck SPX Football 88 Clinton Portis

2007 Leaf Limited Rookie Spotlight 333 LaRon Landry RC Auto black sharpie on sticker #d 04/49

2009 Absolute Memorabilia Team Quads GU Jerseys 16 serial #d 19/25
  • Chris Cooley all maroon
  • Clinton Portis white/gold w/stitching/maroon-tiny bit
  • Santana Moss maroon/gold
  • Jason Campbell maroon stitching/gold stitching/white
2009 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto 188 Marko Mitchell blue sharpie on sticker

2009 Playoff National Treasures 148 Brian Orakpo RC Auto black sharpie on sticker #d 67/99

2010 Panini Threads 273 Perry Riley RC #d 095/250

2011 Panini Playoff National Treasures Ring of Honor Auto 24 Doug Williams blue sharpie on sticker #d 24/50

 Got a lone card from Ebay. I got it partly to help with the set build but more so because of the player's name. 1973 Topps Football 203 Chip Glass Browns. This one will also get it's own post.

 Got three Sportlots things today (well yesterday) Friday 06 April 2012.

1980 Topps: 25 cards 3 dupes:
2, 208, 213, 226, 246(2), 247, 252, 254(2), 258, 263(2), 284, 286, 288, 296, 332, 344, 389,399, 418, 665, 669, 674

1987 Donruss Rated Rookie 35 Bo Jackson RC Royals

2011 Topps: 50 Cards no dupes.
Ugh smell smoky.
3,17, 18, 44, 47,62, 63, 66, 74, 84, 91, 96, 98, 99, 331, 348, 362, 381, 384, 388, 396, 429, 438, 483, 509, 530, 565, 572, 577, 617, 626, 641, 646,647, US15, US40, US59, US71, US80, US90, US94, US138, US139, US202, US240, US248, US257, US269, US279, US32


Got a sportlots order of the 2012 Topps Opening Day set of 220 cards. Number 220 Carlos Lee Astros has no number on it. I think this is an UER. I noticed other people have been questioning this and it seems every card on Ebay is unnumbered. I got the set for 25¢ + 17.00 shipping. Yeah that sucks it only cost the seller $5.10 to send in a thin bubble mailer (that got a little torn in my apt mailbox which is the one the delivery person opens up the whole bank of boxes from) the set itself was safe in a small 400ct card box.

Also included were some "Diamond Giveaway" Code cards. even if I wanted to use the codes they expired 31 Jan 2012. They might be fun to collect as novelty cards the ones I got are numbers: TDG 3, 4, 15, 17, 22, 23, 24, 27

Then from blogger Nick at Dime Boxes (who I had sent some Vladimir Guerrero cards) I got some nice A&G minis from 2011 Allen & Ginter all but one of them are baseball players the non baseball player is a women's basketball player:

Regular Backs
27 Dillon Gee Mets
51 Jimmy Rollins Phillies
36 Eric Sogard A's
88 David Ortiz Red Sox
184 Pedro Alvarez Pirates
190 Sue Bird "Champion Women's Basketball Guard" WNBA Seattle Storm
195 Tommy Hanson Braves
201 Andrew Romine Angels
236 B.J. Upton Rays
259 Tim Hudson Braves
302 John Buck Marlins
322 Trevor Cahill A's
349 Yuniesky Betancourt Brewers

A&G Backs
44 Ozzie Martinez Marlins
113 Miguel Montero Diamondbacks
117 Jonathan Sanchez Giants
132 Colby Rasmus Cardinals
222 James Shields Rays
224 Jason Kubel Twins
288 Rickie Weeks Brewers