Thursday, April 5, 2012

Going to the Polls

I set up a couple of polls here concerning group box breaks. I'm seriously toying with the idea of hosting a Baseball one right here on my blog. I was thinking of hosting a Baseball group break on one of my regular card forums. I'm not sure if I want to do it there since there are some simple guidelines you need to follow and I don't want to mess them up. Plus with forum breaks you usually need to poll the members about what boxes to break before collecting payment, when to do the break, how to do it etc. You also usually need to have just about every single type of card supplies available and I don't have some of the larger toploaders for the thick GUs. I usually have some of the slightly larger than normal toploaders for regular GU but lately it seems GUs and Artifact cards have gotten really thick.

I have seen other bloggers host box breaks so I began toying with the idea here. The advantage to doing a break via your blog is the "Your Blog Your Rules!" rule. For my breaks I would be fair, but I would feel more comfortable having the product in hand before filling the break. The drawback to doing it this way is initially I would eat up the cost of the boxes, which is often why many breaks collect money around the time the boxes are being decided and they fit the boxes to the budget. I guess I want to fix the budget to the boxes.  Many forums as I said above you need to consult the members for every little detail to be the fairest. In my breaks I will try to include a variety of product and I would even include some products I don't personally like but are popular.

For many of these breaks I would buy a team myself, even if I did a Basketball break I would maybe take the Wizards/Bullets (the only basketball I really do). I figure if I do some breaks here and get used to hosting I would feel more comfortable doing a break for one of my forums.

The first break I am thinking of doing is Baseball. Now for baseball my teams are Nationals and Orioles, but for many of these breaks I will take just the Nationals, sometimes just the Orioles. For football I will take the Redskins most of the time, sometimes just the Rams with the  occasional change up of the Ravens. For Hockey my only team I'd take is the Capitals so they will rarely be available. Basketball I'm only Bullets/Wizards so if I did any of those breaks I'd take them sometimes or no team at all.

For most of the breaks I would do the one slot gets you 2 teams one you choose and one random. I would host the breaks on and save them there since I have an account there and am used to the way it works. I would post the big hits here in my blog and try to put up scans before sending them out. I will at least mention what hits were pulled.

Important Shipping Note: Due to shipping costs and mailing customs and speed of delivery etc etc I will only allow members who live in the US and Canada to participate at this time. After I get used to doing these things maybe I will open things up to the rest of the world. If I do decide to go "International" Foreign payements would be limited to Paypal International USD funds ONLY.

Also due to my current work schedule the only day I get a chance to get to the post office in time is Saturdays. So Saturdays would be shipping day which means the breaks will be held on Thursday or Friday Nights.

I will make a static page of my group break rules soon. It is in develpment.
That was easy, Don'tcha Know!
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