Sunday, February 16, 2014

Booty From A Baseball Group Break In The Zone

Back in January of this year (2014) I got my Booty from a Baseball Group Box Break over at TCZ. My chosen team was the Nationals. I used to have the Orioles in the group as well, but finances (mostly frequent major car repairs) have made taking two teams in groups difficult. This was one of those breaks were unfortunately I didn't get much from my own team. The only card I did get was a two player card, both players prospects fortunately the other team was unclaimed. I'm not a big fan of prospect cards, many of the guys never make it to the bigs. The rest of the cards I got were random base from unclaimed teams and a randomized hit. I think that card almost makes up for the lack of my homie team. It is from one of my PC 1970s childhood HOF guys.

2012 Panini Elite Extra Edition Baseball: (These 6 cards are for trade/sale/giveaway)

14 Brian Johnson Red Sox
23 Tyler Gonzales Blue Jays
65 Kolby Copeland Marlins
73 Dario Pizzano Mariners
77 Rio Ruiz Astros
100 Andrew Lockett Padres

Next the only Nationals card from the break:

Building Blocks 16 Richie Shaffer Rays and Spencer Kieboom Nationals

Next a HOFer from the Golden Oldie age:

2013 Topps Triple Threads 82 Jimmie Foxx Red Sox

Special Randomized HIT:

2013 Topps Tier One: Legends Relics TORL-GB George Brett Royals GU Bat #d 49/99


  1. The Foxx and Brett and nice. Also love the name Spencer Kieboom. "He swings and KEY-BOOM! It's gone!"