Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Repack Dollar Tree Style: Pack Two of Two

Last post was Pack One of my Two pack Dollar Tree repack adventure so lets get into the goodies right away.

Pack Two Full Contents group pic

Opened Pack 2 after midnight on 08/09 Feb 2014:
Pack Two: 1981 Topps 1980 Runs Batted In Leaders showing on top. (Back card is a 1987 Topps Kirby Puckett)
No noticeable dings (unlike the other pack)

Here are the few selected cards group shot:
 Dollar Tree CardsOne 30 card repack two selectred cards group
(Front and Back)

Cards as Picked (27 Cards Total)
1981 Topps 3 - 1980 Runs Batted In Leaders: Cecil Cooper Brewers and Mike Schmidt Phillies
1994 Pinacle 355 Ken Hill Expos
1992 Fleer 10 Sam Horn Orioles
1988 Topps 408 Dion James Braves
1996 Topps 318 Greg Maddox Braves
1994 Fleer Flair 60 Wally Joyner Royals
1988 Topps 395 Jimmy Key AS Blue Jays
1988 Topps 300 Don Mattingly Yankees
1995 Topps Stadium Club 185 Craig Biggio Astros
1987 Topps 489 Bill Gullickson Reds
1996 Pacific Collection 22 Kevin Foster Cubs
1995 Score 314 John Valentin Season Highlights Red Sox
1994 Select 255 Terry Mulholland Yankees
1994 Select 223 Dean Palmer Rangers
 1994 Select Baseball 223 Dean Palmer Rangers
(Front and Back)
OK so this pack features two 1994 Select cards one right after the other. At first I thought the design was so-so with the players last name vertical and so large but after studying it some it isn't too bad. **Sigh** looks like another junk years set to try to build.

1987 Topps 195 Mike Pagliarulo Yankees
1996 Topps 263 Vince Coleman Mariners
1996 Topps Baseball 263 Vince Coleman Mariners
(Front and Back)
Normally I wouldn't pick this card to show, but for this pack it was the card that was duplicated in the pack (about four cards from now). It's one of Topps mid 1990s sets I'm so-so on.

1988 Topps 9 Andy Hawkins Padres
1988 Topps 744 Whitey Herzog Cardinals
1988 Topps 49 Dave Clark Indians
1996 Topps 263 Vince Coleman Mariners (Yeah here is the dupe I told you about)
1988 Topps 301 Bud Black Royals
1988 Topps 576 Tommy Hinzo Indians
1993 Fleer Flair 271 Erik Hanson Mariners
1994 Fleer Flair 252 Mike Devereaux Orioles
 1994 Fleer Flair Baseball 252 Mike Devereaux Orioles
(Front and Back)
One of those sets from Fleer that I am not sure if I like or not. I like most of the Flair sets but some of those two picture fronts are just too freaky. Flair was Fleer's high end product it seems.

1991 Topps Stadium Club 571 Tommy Gregg Braves
1987 Topps 398 Brad Havens Orioles
1987 Topps 450 Kirby Puckett Twins
1987 Topps Baseball 450 Kirby Puckett Twins
(Front and Back)
Way to end the pack with a power packed super star.

So this pack only had 27 cards 3 less than advertised combined with the other pack I just evened out. The year range in this pack 1981 to 1996 with most late 80s to mid 90s.


  1. So many 1987 in repacks... I have a shoe box full of extra '87s myself which means I try to stay clear of repacks. Good to see you got at least a few interesting cards though.

  2. like the Flair cards, good photography and nice layout...