Monday, February 24, 2014

Fishing For Nick Johnson On The Bay Red Edition

OK so the title of this post almost blows the sensationalism out of this post. Lately when I've been shopping on Ebay I just get the BINs and the fixed price listings, not the auctions. This beauty of a card and one of the pieces to a Rainbow was only $4.99 + $2.50 shipping. It is the latest variation in the 2010 Topps Baseball Nick Johnson Rainbow I've been assembling.

2010 Topps Baseball Factory Set Red 181 Nick Johnson Marlins #d 214/299
(Front and Back)
 This is the Factory Set Red Parallel version that is serial numbered to 299. But that wasn't all the seller I got this card from also included some bonus FOOTBALL cards. Now fortunately I don't mind too much when dealers sweeten the pot by including bonus cards from a different sport, but I'm sure there are some buyers who get really ticked about this. Sellers Please at least include the same sport, some folks are just one sport collectors. A few years back I would have been really ticked if I had gotten some basketball bonus cards. I'm still not huge into basketball but back a few years ago I didn't want to have anything to do with any hoops cards. Oh back on track here is what I got I won't go into detail on them as only one of them will remain part of my PC. I have them all marked in my Zistle since I was toying with the idea of building the set but I'm not sure on that. 

Anyway here are the seven 1993 Topps Football cards that were included as a bonus:
34 Tom Carter Draft Pick Redskins (PC)
35 Jeff George Colts (Might keep this one, not sure)
36 Larry Centers Cardinals
37 Reggie Cobb Buccaneers
41 Haywood Jeffires Oilers
42 Alfred Williams Bengals
43 Aaron Wallace Raiders 
 1993 Topps Football Bonus Cards:
(Front and Back)


  1. That's weird. You'd think if they wanted to throw in extra cards, it would be somewhat similar to what you purchased. At least that's what I would do.

    1. Yeah you would think. I have seen some sellers include a bonus card of the same sport and some include cards of a different sport like this guy. I think when they do that they are just trying to get rid of unwanted stock. If a seller includes a bonus card it should be at least from the same sport as purchased maybe even the same team or perhaps another card from that same year/set. If I had bought a Non-Sport card from that seller would he include a Baseball card? Probably.

  2. Always great to have a Nick the Stick sighting.... became a fan from his days with the Clippers the Columbus Clippers...our hometown team is number 1....or something like that....and I can't say that about too many former Yankee farmhands

  3. I think 2010 was the beginning of the variation apocalypse.

  4. good year for the Marlins, cause the Phils stunk!!