Thursday, February 20, 2014

Expos Extra: Expos From The Repo (Repack)

In my last couple of posts I mentioned the booty I got from a repack adventure at the Dollar store (part 1, part 2). I picked a few cards to highlight in those posts that I thought people would be most interested in seeing. Well now it is time to show some of the cards I was most interested in.

This poker hand of cards (actually I already showed one in part one the Jeff Fassero card) are Expos ancestor cards of my Homie Team The Nationals. I thought about posting these on my Curly W Cards blog, but these guys never actually played in DC so I don't really want to highlight them there. I also considered posting this as a Washington Wednesday post but decided not to for the same reason.

Oooh I just got a good idea (at least it is a good idea for now) I'll call this new type of post Expos Extra. It will be for those older Expos cards of players that never called DC their home (at least at first, I might start slipping and adding guys who transitioned onto the Nats in DC). I think now I can justify showing them off at CWC.

Now for the cards:

1994 Pinacle 355 Ken Hill Expos
(Front and Back)

 1994 Upper Deck 274 Home Field Advantage Larry Walker Expos
(Front and Back)

1984 Topps 503 Elias Sosa Padres
OK so Elias isn't in an Expos Uni. But he was an Expo at one time
(Front and Back)

1984 Topps 390 Tim Raines AS Expos
(Front and Back)

I'll have to make some adjustments to the EE Logo. There are a few things with it I am not totally happy with.


  1. Just don't take out the Power Up big head card of the banner!

  2. wonder how many walks Walker had in his career!??