Sunday, November 28, 2010

1974 Topps Redskins Team Set

With the help of Ebay I finally got the rest of the 1974 Topps Redskins that I needed for my collection. Some of the cards I had from way back when (Kilmer, Bass?, Jefferson, Hauss, Houston?, Brundige, Wilber, Pottios, Taylor?) A couple of the players I have duplicates and/or triplicates of. I have always liked the '74 Topps football, and Baseball cards. That year all around in just about every sport I really enjoy the sets. For the football set the goal post design is what grabbed me back in the day. The Team name is in a colored "field" block at the bottom. The color pattern is different for each team. For the redskins it looks even better since the block color is green giving the goal post design even more of a shine.

I don't have a Team Checklist card yet, but I'm working on getting that. Anyway the card roster is as follows (In order by card number):

    6 Jerry Smith
  33 Curt Knight
  58 Bill Kilmer
  84 Mike Bass
119 Roy Jefferson
156 Brig Owens
182 Len Hauss
208 Verlon Biggs
235 Ken Houston
260 Larry Brown
287 Bill Brundige
313 Dave Robinson
345 Chris Hanburger
371 Mike Bragg
398 John Wilber
422 Charlie Harraway
445 Pat Fischer
484 Myron Pottios
510 Charlie Taylor

Here are a few of my faves from this set, either because of the player, the picture, or both.
119 Roy Jefferson - Checkout those sideburns.

  235 Ken Houston - Ditto with the burns

 182 Len Hauss - Classic pose it may have been used for most of his cards.

 345 Chris Hanburger
"Park the car over there... OVER THERE!"

 58 Bill "Billy" Kilmer - Airbrushed Helmets. 
As a kid I thought they were scrimmage/preseason helmets.
I didn't know about the lack of licensing Topps had (or didn't have).
BTW I think Billy boy is tripping here.

 260 Larry Brown
I've always digged sidelines photos, and those with the helmet half-on-half-off.

 33 Curt Knight - Can you tell he's a kicker?
I like these "posed" action shots.

371 Mike Bragg - Let me guess... Punter?

287 Bill Brundige - He has that "Whatt Tha?" Look that the other guys should have for the cards I didn't choose to highlight here.

 398 John Wilber - Here we have the classic posed "three point stand" for football cards.

The second version shown of this card is a very miscut one (the back is miscut as well). It was part of one of the Ebay lots I got to get some of the other cards since I already had this one (Now I have at least 3).

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  1. yeah, punter... either that or Mike Bragg is allergic to the football and trying to keep it as far away as possible!!