Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some vintage Baseball

I bought 3 cards from another member at TCC and he added 2 bonus cards plus some wax packs (I'll make another post for the wax packs, I've gone over my limit on labeling to include all the years of everything and the other 2 brands.)

OK so I bought:

 1964 Topps 260 Frank Robinson Reds

 1964 Topps 306 "Giant Gunners"
Willie Mays & Orlando Cepeda

1973 Topps 90 Brook Robinson Orioles


1979 Topps 417 All-Time Record Holders
STRIKEOUTS Nolan Ryan (Season) & Walter Johnson (Career)

 1982 Topps 636 Philadelphia Phillies Team Leaders
 '81 Batting & Pitching Leaders
 Pete Rose & Steve Carlton

In the same package I also got some BONUS unopened wax packs 1990 Donruss & 1990 Upper Deck, Plus a 1989 Topps Wax Pack with a wrapper that is majorly miscut (and a piece of stale gum which is in at least two pieces now). I will post pics of those packs in another post sometime.

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  1. that's a nice Johnson there... though I'm partial to the Phillies... for some strange reason...